Official Month in Review: November 16 – November 30, 1957

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November 16.PRESIDENT Garcia today laid down the basis for his state-of-the-nation message before the joint session of Congress which opens in January, 1958, with emphasis on the nation’s economic problems.

The President directed Cabinet members to submit a summary of accomplishments of their respective departments for inclusion in his Congress message. These reports will include positive recommendations to Congress.

The President has set the deadline for the submission of these reports of accomplishments for December 1.

The President today mobilized the Social Welfare Administration to give immediate Assistance to victims of typhoon Kit, which caused untold damages on public and private property and loss of human lives.

The President directed defense and Armed Forces authorities to lend direct assistance to the SWA. The presidential directive was issued after the Chief Executive had received comprehensive report of the typhoon damages from Assistant Executive Secretary Nicanor Jimenez.

President Garcia also ordered Air Force planes for Tacloban and Bacolod to airlift patients from these cities.

In Tacloban, Leodegaria Cabillo, 8-year old, who is suffering from severe brain injuries due to an accident, was ordered airlifted to Manila for treatment in the V. Luna General Hospital. She was taken from the Leyte Provincial Hospital on an Air Force plane and airlifted to Manila.

In Bacolod pity, Mrs. Rosario Gustillo, wife of E. Gustillo, president of the lawyers’ association in Bacolod, who was suffering from hysterical paralysis, was also ordered airlifted aboard an Air Force plane for treatment in Manila. She was taken to the V. Luna General Hospital.

November 17.—THIS morning President Garcia wrote his message on the occasion of his victory in the recent elections.

The President wrote his message after hearing a family “thanksgiving mass” aboard the RPS Sarita Maria, where he had stayed since yesterday studying state papers.

The President’s family boarded the yacht this morning to congratulate the President oh his election. Mrs. Leonila D. Garcia, daughter Linda, and son-in-law, Fernando Campos, got on the yacht which was anchored off the breakwater at 9:10 a.m. They were accompanied by Legislative Secretary Jose C. Nable, acting Press Secretary Guillermo V. Sison, and Benigno Aquino, Jr.

Upon arrival of the President’s family mass was immediately said. The President received Holy Communion. After the mass the Chief Executive wrote his message. Then the President and his family, together with a few relatives and friends, ate breakfast. The yacht then made a leisurely cruise in Manila Bay and returned to Pier 5 in the evening.

THE President today issued the following message:

“With deep humility and gratitude I accept the mandate of the Filipino people through the recent elections to administer the affairs of the nation during the next four years. Our people have spoken and let every true Filipino abide by that decision.

“Ours is not only a victory of the Nacionalista Party but the triumph of democracy.

“I thank Messrs. Jose Yulo, Manuel P. Manahan, Claro M. Recto, and Antonio Quirino for their good wishes for a successful administration. I also offer my sincerest thanks to all those who have worked to make our victory possible.

“I make special mention of the Commission on Elections, the Philippine Constabulary, the corps of untiring, vigilant, and courageous teachers, the press and the radio, and others who redeemed my pledge for a free, orderly, clean, and honest elections.

“This clear-cut mandate is a fresh source of inspiration and strength for me to carry on in the great traditions bequeathed by our forbears.

“On this momentous hour of our country’s history, I rededicate myself to the service of the people. And with the aid of Divine Providence and with our great people by my side, I am confident, we will succeed.”

AFTER Waiting for almost a week for the complete “surrender” of his political rivals, The President finally received word in the evening that former Speaker Jose Yulo had “conceded.”

The report caught the men around him by surprise, but they soon went wild with jubilation, President Garcia was cruising aboard the Santa Maria, mulling over the state papers and at the same time plotting counter-moves in the event the Liberals pushed through their plans of protesting his election.

Legislative Secretary, Jose C. Nable, who drove the propaganda mill, was reported to have jumped hilariously after words flashed from Acting Press Secretary Guillermo V. Sison that Yulo had finally conceded, reached the yacht.

The report spread like the proverbial wildfire in the yacht and immediately the President called up the First Lady at the Palace to report to her the happy news.

President Garcia’s victory climaxed 32 years of political life, undefeated and unprotested.

He had told newsmen previously that he had always won with such convincing majorities that he had never been the object of election protests.

With the President aboard the yacht were Assistant Executive Secretary Nicanor T. Jimenez, Nable, and Lt. Rolando Kagaon. Nable was with a large entourage of “rah-rah boys”; namely, Mariano R. Logarta, Jose D. Aspiras, and ex-Mayor Benigno S. Aquino, Jr.

It was learned that Aquino saw the President and tried to explain the defeat of President Garcia and Speaker Laurel in Tarlac.

November 18.— AFTER six days in “hiding” since Election Day Presidential Garcia returned triumphantly to Malacañang early this morning.

He had shied away from the Palace since Election Day, having stayed for three days in his “hideout” which was the residence of Assistant Executive Secretary Nicanor T. Jimenez, and later “hid” himself on the yacht, Santa Maria, to wait for “concession of defeat” from his political adversaries.

Upon his return to Malacañang, the President found the Palace ground littered with placards asking for the relief of Jose Panganiban as General Manager of the National Development Company.

PRESIDENT Garcia today called NDC officials to Malacañang and reiterated his previous directive that NDC workers be granted a general pay increase.

The President reiterated his directive at a conference with NDC Board Chairman Jose Fernandez; Director Sergio Bayan, General Manager Jose Panganiban, and Eulogio Lerum, counsel of the NDC-National Textile Workers Union.

At the same time, the President received well-wishers who trooped to Malacañang to congratulate him on his victory in the last elections.

Among the well-wishers were Senator-elect Eulogio Balao; Representatives-elect Francisco Ortega of La Union, Maximino Noel of Cebu, Jose Aldeguer of Iloilo, Constancio Castañeda of Tarlac Benjamin Ligot of Cagayan, Emilio Cortez of Pampanga, and Salvador Encinas of Sorsogon: and Govs. Manuel Barretto of Zambales, Serafin L. Teves of Negros Oriental, and Jose Dinglasan of Capiz.

The President also received Minnesota Gov. Orville L. Freeman, who was accompanied by Mrs. Freeman; and a big delegation of Minnesotans.

A member of the delegation, Mr. S. J. Kryzsko, President of the Winona National and Savings Bank, gave a letter of Brother I. Basil, F. S. C, President of Saint Mary’s College in Winona, Minn., to the President wherein he was informed of the “successful work of four young Filipinos, Brother Benildo Lamberto (Lamberto Feliciano), Brother Arthur Henry (Enrique Lazatin), Brother Augusto Soloman (Raul Mirasol) and Brother Andrews Benjamin (Macario Gonzalez), who are preparing themselves to teach in your schools in the Philippine Islands.”

Other members of the Minnesota delegation were Mrs. Maria Arvig, William T. Collins, Dr. James A. Cosgriff, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cramond, Thomas Dransfield, William G. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Johnson, George Kircher, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kvamme, L. J. Lauerman, H. J. Mickelson, Joseph Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olson, W. B. Resnick, George L. Peterson, H. O. Lindberg, and Robert Doyle.

Another presidential caller was Rep. Dalip Singh Saund of California, who was accompanied by Minister Horace Smith, charge d’ affaires of the U.S. Embassy; James N. Tull, press attache; and Henry Brodie, first secretary. A native of India, Rep. Saund is a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Col. Harry Brenn, ICA director in Manila, called on the President to introduce his successor Paul D. Summers, who until recently was the deputy director of the Far East in the Washington ICA office.

Armando Diaz, manager of the GSIS administrative department, gave the President his 1957 GSIS dividend amounting to ₱58.50. Federico Romero and Baltazar Guerra, GSSIS officials, accompanied Diaz.

Officials of the Liberty Milk headed by R. J. Cooley, assistant vice-president of the General Milk Co., Los Angeles; J. L. Terrassa, general manager; and W. T. Miller, assistant manager of General Milk Company (Philippines), also called on the President to invite him to attend the inauguration of the Liberty Milk factory at Mandaluyong, Rizal.

The President also received Willie Jurado and former Press Secretary J. V. Cruz. The President thanked Jurado for helping him in the campaign in the northern Luzon provinces. JV, who lost in his bid for the lone congressional district of Bataan, told the President he was protesting the re-election of Rep. Jose Nuguid.

However, he told the President he was willing to help the Administration in a private capacity.

JV told the President he is putting up an advertising agency while awaiting the outcome of his protest against Nuguid. The President assured JV he would help him.

IN the evening the president and the First Lady heard a thanksgiving mass at the Malacañang social hall.

After the mass, the President presided over his first post election press conference. A large group of newsmen, Malacañang hangers-on, and kibitzers attended the press conference and merienda-cena which followed the President’s first brush with newsmen.

November 19PRESIDENT Garcia today continued receiving well-wishers and congratulatory messages from friends in the Philippines and abroad.

Among the messages from friends, abroad was that from President Izhak Ben-Zvi of Israel, who expressed his confidence that under the leadership of President Garcia “the Republic of the Philippines will continue its important contribution to the causal of world peace and international collaboration.”

Other congratulatory messages came from Neil Blaisdell, mayor of Honolulu; H. H. Herts, vice-president of the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce; Ted Ayers, executive producer of the Columbia Broadcasting System; and Averill Harriman and Heil Crawford.

To well-wishers who flocked to Malacañang, the President expressed his satisfaction that the recent elections were very peaceful, orderly, and clean.

The President received Representatives-elect Augusto Francisco of Manila, Lorenzo Teves of Negros Oriental, Agustin Coscolluela of Negros Occidental, Reynaldo Honrado of Surigao, Alberto Ubay of Zamboanga del Norte, Faustino Tobias of Ilocos Sur, and Dominador Tan of Leyte, who congratulated him.

The solons from Eastern Visayas and Mindanao informed the President that the majority garnered by the Nacionalista Party in the recent elections was bigger than that obtained in 1953.

Mayor Mariano Perdices of Dumaguete City and Miss Lourdes N. Napalinga, editor of The Negrense. a magazine published in Bacolod City, accompanied the solons.

President Garcia also received Chinese Ambassador Chen Chi-mai, William Walker of the U.S Embassy; C. Hart Schaaf, resident representative in the Philippines of the United Nations Technical Assistance Board; Justice Alejo Labrador of the Supreme Court, Pampanga Gov. Rafael Lazatin; and Manuel Leelin; local manufacturer of the Willard batteries.

THE President today directed RFC Chairman Eduardo Z. Romualdez to extend the fullest possible financial assistance to farmers and planters, especially by making more widely availed of the new policy of granting loans even to those whose lands do not as yet have Torrens titles.

The President made this directive as one of the steps to encourage more people to produce primary food crops, like rice and corn, in order to make the country self-sufficient in its staple food supplies.

This was one of the points the President brought out in his first post election press conference yesterday when he said that his primary concern was the solution of the economic problems of the country.

At the same time, President Garcia directed the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Department of Public Works and Communications to make on-the-field surveys of the destruction to crops and property caused by the recent typhoon Kit.

The President said that he needed these figures and statistics on the destruction so that proper steps could be taken to avoid any shortage in rice and corn especially in the areas affected, and so that reconstruction could be done; at the earliest possible time to the destroyed public and private installations.

President Garcia expressed satisfaction over the new policy adopted by the RFC in granting loans to farmers and planters whose lands are yet without titles. He said that this would give further encouragement to the farmers in producing more crops.

The Chief Executive also said that under this new RFC policy, even those tenants who have been given lands of their own as a result of the government purchase and subdivision of landed estates but who are yet without titles to their lands, would be able to borrow money from the RFC and thus enable them to plant their lands.

He said that the RFC should give special attention to applicants for loans belonging to this category in order to encourage more farmers to plant staple crops in the interest of self-sufficiency in the nation’s overall food supply.

With regard to the President’s order of an immediate appraisal of losses in crops and property as a result of typhoon Kit, Malacañang said that only fragmentary reports had been received by the Office of the President on the destruction. It is feared, however, that because of reports that many of the rice plants affected were about to form their grain, harvests in the affected areas would be considerably diminished and thus result to rice shortage.

The Chief Executive said that he would take the precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of rice and corn shortages.

The President also said that he had reiterated his order to the Philippine Navy to make Available the needed LST’s to transport NARIC rice of short supply.

PRESIDENT Garcia signed today a proclamation November 28, 1957, as a special public holiday for national thanksgiving.

In the proclamation President Garcia said that “it is fitting that a day be set aside on which to dedicate out noblest thoughts in prayer and thanksgiving to God for all the blessings He has showered upon us.”

President Garcia also signed a proclamation authorizing of the Philippines to conduct a rational fund drive during the period from November 15 to December 33, 1957, in places outside of Greater Manila.

In the proclamation the President called upon everybody to assist wholeheartedly in the fund campaign and to give their utmost support so that the Girl Scouts of the Philippines may be assured of which to carry on its work.

The President underscored the success of the organization in serving as host of the first Regional Centenary World Camp in 1957, attaining a distinct place in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and bringing prestige not only to the local Girl Scout movement but to the Philippines.

IN the evening the President paid high tribute to Minister Harry H. Brenn, chief of the U.S. International Cooperation Administration in Manila for his help in the country’s social and economic development.

After the formal dinner which the President gave in in Malacañang the President said that Brenn had been personally identified with the country’s accomplishments in community development rural credit and farmers cooperatives, agricultural extension and public health, land tenure and labor management relations, roads and irrigation projects, public administration and education, and national defense and internal security.

The President added that what had endeared Brenn to the Philippine Government personnel and to the people was Brenn’s insistence that full credit for these accomplishments should go to the Filipinos themselves, modestly describing the American role as merely one of a friendly encouragement, stimulation, and cooperation in the common cause of strengthening the free world.

President Garcia said that the Government had intended to confer upon Brenn one of the awards reserved for national recognition; but because Brenn was not allowed by his government to accept such award, the President had taken the opportunity to convey the country’s warm appreciation of his past services to the Philippines.

November 20—WISHING to step up the work of the Presidential Incentives Committee, President Garcia Finance Secretary summoned former Antonio de las Alas, chairman of the conference this afternoon in Malacañang.

The President said that he would like to be informed by Chairman De las Alas of the progress of his committee, which had been charged by the President with studying ways and means of giving incentives to producers in order to increase production of essential products and thus eventually lower prices.

When he created the committee last September 18, the President directed that it hold public hearings to get a cross-section of the views of all the economic segments of the country regarding the best by the government in giving incentives to producers.

The President also directed that all government offices and employees should cooperate with the committee whenever it re pursuing its work.

A Malacañang spokesman said that now that the elections were over, the committee could accelerate the tempo of its activities. The President would like the committee to be able to submit its recommendations to give additional incentives to producers so that its recommendation which might require legislation could be readied for submission to Congress when it meets in January.

The spokesman added that the creation of the Incentives Committee was part of the overall plan of the President in tackling the economic problems of the country.

THE President this morning received from Gov. Francisco Infantado of Mindoro Oriental a check for ₱ 17,000 as a contribution of his province to the peace and amelioration fund.

Gov. Infantado was accompanied by Manolo Elizalde, chairman of the Peace and Amelioration Fund Commission, assistant provincial treasurer Paulino Ganda, and Miss Teresita Castro, a lawyer.

The President also received Mrs. Atanacia de Leon, widow, of the late Cpl. Eladio de Leon, who had died when ambushed recently in Cavite by the outlaw band led by Leonardo Manecio, alias Nardong Putik.

Mrs. De Leon, accompanied by her sister, Miss Lourdes Laurio, ex-extended to cover burial expenses of the Army soldier extended to cover burial expenses of the slain Army soldier.

Earlier, the President received Gen. Laurence S. Kuter, commander-in-chief of the U.S. Air Force, Pacific, who arrived last Sunday in the course of an observation and inspection tour of U.S. installations under his command.

Minister Horace Smith, charge d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy, and Maj. Gen. John Ackerman, commanding general of the 13th USAF, accompanied Gen. Kuter.

Former Mayor Elmer Robinson of San Francisco and Judge Thomas M. Foley of the Superior Court of San Francisco, also paid a courtesy call on the President. Robinson was the Mayor of San Francisco during the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference and the Tenth Commemorative Session of the United Nations. In 1955 he was elected president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Other callers of the President included Representatives-elect Benedicto Padilla of Rizal, Natalio Castillo of Bohol, Manuel Zosa of Cebu, and Tobias Fornier of Antique, and Engineer Constancio Soria.

About 30 members of the Philippine Association of School Superintendents, headed by their president, Jose Y. Tuazon, also called on the President to pledge their loyalty and cooperation to the Administration.

The superintendents asked for the early implementation of the provisions of Republic Act No. 842 regarding salary increases.

They informed President Garcia that he had made a “happy choice” in appointing Justice Manuel Lim as secretary of education.

A group of Lions led by Eduardo Escobar and Alfredo Lozano, saw the President; to invite him to be the guest of honor in a forthcoming affair.

THIS evening President Garcia said he would not act on resignations submitted to him by members of his Cabinet until after he had been sworn in on December 30.

The President made the statement in response to numerous queries received in Malacañang regarding the status of resignations reportedly turned in by certain Cabinet members to give him a free hand in the reorganization of his advisory body. He said that action on the resignations would take a lot of study and that; in case he decided to accept any of them, he would do so only after he had begun serving his new term.

“At least, I would like to have all members of the old Cabinet to be with me on my induction,” the President said.

The Chief Executive also said that he would first decide on possible successors before accepting any resignation. According to him, this was necessary to insure continuity in the service.

Earlier this afternoon, the President received officers and members of of the Bankers Association of the Philippines who called to pay their respects following his election. During the call, Alfonso Calalang, association president who acted as spokesman, expressed the readiness of his organization to cooperate with the Administration in regard to programs aimed at furthering the economic uplift of the country.

The President thanked the group for their offer of cooperation. He said that the numerous pledges of support he had been receiving from various elements in the country since his election had encouraged him all the more years with optimism.

The group included N. Tomas of Philippine Banking Corporation, A. delas Alas of Manufacturers Trust, K. Huang of Bank of Communications, R. Recto of Equitable Bank, L. Marquez of Commercial Bank, J. Spering of National City Bank of New York, L. Villa of People’s Bank, C. Cruz of the Philippine National Bank, M. Garcia of Philippine Trust, R. MacIntyre of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Alfonso Sycip of China Banking Corporation, S. Friexas of Bank of PI, F. de la Costa of Bank of Commerce, S. Orosa of Prudential Bank, J. Unson of Pacific Banking Corporation, D. A. Gruethenhuis of Bank of American, and J. Pryor of Chartered Bank.

President Garcia today signed Proclamation No. 458, declaring November 29, 1957, as National Teachers Day. The proclamation was signed on the recommendation of Education Secretary Manuel Lim.

The President signed the proclamation in the presence of Secretary Lim and Benigno Aldana and Daniel Salcedo, directors of public and private some representatives of private and public institutions in Manila.

The President pointed out that in all communities teachers are always called upon to cooperate in social, cultural, and civic enterprises and that the teachers deserve greater public recognition of their essential place in the scheme of national existence and appreciation for personal sacrifice which they often make in their daily work.

The President this day also signed a proclamation declaring the period from February 14, to March 31, 1958, as the time for the eleventh annual fund campaign of the Philippine National Red Cross.

At the same time, the President appealed for public support and help in the campaign by giving generously of their means, time, and effort to realize the aims and purposes of the Philippine National Red Cross.

November 21.—REPRESENTATIVE-elect Genaro Magsaysay, younger brother of the late President Magsaysay, led well-wishers who continued tip call this day on President Garcia to congratulate him on his recent victory in the presidential elections.

At the same time, the Zambales solon told the President that he would support in Congress the program of government of the Administration.

Two other members of the Magsaysay family accompanied Rep.-elect Magsaysay when he called on President Garcia. They were Mrs. Luisa Magsaysay-Corpus and Mrs. Soledad Magsaysay-Cabrera.

Gov. Esmeraldo Eco, LP, of Camarines Norte also called on the President and presented a copy of the resolution of the provincial board of his province, conveying to the Chief Executive its decision “to cross party lines in the administration of governmental affairs to serve best the interests and welfare of the constituents of the province of Camarines Norte.”

W. E. Murray, Caltex Far East general manager, paid a courtesy call on the President. He was accompanied by R. Monical, Caltex (Philippines) managing director, and J. P. Roxas, another high official of the local Caltex office.

Murray is the president of the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce of New York. He was the recipient of the Philippine Legion of Honor, awarded during the administration of the late President Magsaysay. The members of the Board of Trustees of the National Federation of Dental Practitioners presented to President Garcia a resolution of the federation pledging its cooperation to the Administration.

The trustees, led by the president of the federation, Dr. Diosdado Carpio, were Drs. Feliciano K. Cruz, Eladio Aldecoa, Ermelo Vergel de Dios, Potenciano Leoncio, Moises Bartolome, Leonila Tañada, and Francisco Ramirez.

Other presidential callers were Gov. Jose Briones of Cebu, Rep.-elect Justiniano Montano, NP, of Cavite, Rep.-elect William Chiongbian, LP, of Misamis Occidental, and Secretary Pedro C. Hernaez of Commerce and Industry.

PRESIDENT Garcia this evening received a delegation from Misamis Oriental which called to sound him off on the possibility of holding a special election in Sagay, Camiguin Island, where 2,207 registered voters had failed to cast their ballots last election day.

Former Gov. Paciencio G. Ysalina informed the President that ballots which had been intended for Sagay, Negros Oriental, had been sent to Camiguin by mistake and that those intended for Camiguin had been sent to Negros Oriental. Hence, the post of lieutenant governor for the island sub-province which had been declared elective by a special law enacted during the last congressional session had not been included on the ballots.

According to Ysalina, the local board of inspectors had suspended the voting and when the mistake was corrected later in the afternoon of election day, the voters had already gone.

The President advised the delegation to direct their petition to the Commission on Elections, the only body which could recommend to him the holding of special elections.

Paul Wood of the International Harvester Company called to greet the President. During his call, Wood informed the Chief Executive that he was leaving for Korea tomorrow morning, where he would accompany President Syngman Rhee and retired U.S. General James Van Fleet on a visit to a national farm on a Korean Island. Wood is in charge of supervision of all Far Eastern installations and offices of the IHC.

Earlier this evening, the President received a delegation composed of members of his class 1923 of the Philippine Law School. They presented him with a souvenir album containing pictures of the last reunion held by the class last September 1 in Tanay, Rizal, which he had attended.

The delegation included Feliciano Tayag, Protacio Amonoy, Emiliano Anonas, Lorenzo Foronda, Pastor Gonzales, Eleuterio Gustilo, Milagros Llareno Telmo, Graciano Cariño, and Jose de Jesus.

The President received callers until 8 p.m. Among his last visitors were Reps. Ramon Mitra of Mt. Province and Joaquin Roces of Manila, Patricio Senador, and Antonio de las Alas.

THE President this evening stressed that the Presidential Incentives Committee’s main task was to study effective means of giving incentives to producers of principal products as he promised to do when he vetoed Senate Bill No. 167 last June 22.

In his veto message the President had said:

“Recognizing the soundness of this policy of providing incentives to producers to increase their productivity. I avail myself of this opportunity to promise to the advocates of Senate Bill No. 167 that I will in due time appoint a committee of responsible officials and leaders in business, agriculture, and industry to study ways and means of attaining the objectives of the said bill in a manner generally beneficial to our national economy.

“It is the hope of this Administration that with the cooperation of all patriotic citizens of this country, a formula can be found to provide positive and practical incentives to producers and manufacturers.”

The President conferred this evening with former Finance Secretary-Antonio de las Alas, chairman of the Presidential Incentives Committee, and directed that the committee hurry up its studies on the subject of giving incentives to producers-exporters. He added that parts of the recommendations requiring congressional action would be embodied in an administration bill to be submitted in Congress in January, 1958.

President Garcia suggested to De Las Alas that one way of hastening the work of the committee was to concentrate on the study of the objectionable features of Senate Bill 167 and to seek their solutions.

This was the first formal discussion that the President and De las Alas had in connection with the work of the committee. De las Alas told the President that he already had meetings with members of his committee and that he set another meeting for Saturday with the idea of hastening up its work.

The committee chairman promised that he and his committee would do their best to finish the job in time for submission to Congress in its next regular session.

November 22.—THIS morning the President had a few callers, as most of his time was spent receiving the members of the diplomatic corps and presiding over the weekly Cabinet meeting.

The diplomats, led by Papal Nuncio Egidio Vagnozzi, were received by the President after breakfast. They congratulated President Garcia on his victory at the recent polls.

The President this morning told the chiefs of diplomatic missions in the Philippines that he would follow the same foreign policy formulated during the administration of the late President Magsaysay and which he had been implementing since he was Vice-President of the Philippines and concurrently Foreign Affairs Secretary.

The President made this statement on the occasion of the call of the chiefs of diplomatic missions in the Philippines, during which they congratulated the Chief Executive on his victory in the recent polls.

In his remarks before his diplomatic visitors, the President said that he would continue pursuing the policy of promoting closer ties of friendship with all the countries of the free world but with special consideration in regard to the United States because of our special relationship with that country, and in regard to the Southeast Asian nations.

The President expressed before the diplomats the wish that the disarmament conference would succeed in order to remove the means of waging future wars.

President Garcia said that if the astronomical war budgets intended for the armament race could be removed and invested instead in creating conditions conducive to peace, then the causes of war would be removed.

Papal Nuncio Egidio Vagnozzi, who acted as spokesman of the chiefs of diplomatic missions, expressed the felicitations of his group to the President on his victory in the recent polls. He praised the President for his great desire in the attainment of peace of the world.

Vagnozzi also expressed the hope that under President Garcia’s administration, the Philippines would achieve progress, prosperity, and happiness. The President exchanged toasts with his diplomatic guests.

Also present at the ceremonies were Foreign Affairs Secretary Felixberto Serrano, Acting Press Secretary Guillermo V. Sison, Malacañang Protocol Officer Manuel G. Zamora, Foreign Office Chief of Protocol Jose Estrada, Lt. Col. Emilio Borromeo, Lt. Melchor Fronda, and Appointments Secretaries Marcelino Calinawan and Rolando Kagaoan.

The chiefs of diplomatic missions who called on the President were Apostolic Nuncio Egidio Vagnozzi. British Ambassador George Lisle Glutton, Chinese Ambassador Chen Chih-mai, Australian Ambassador Keith Charles Owen Shann, Thai Ambassador Chitti Sucharitakul, Italian Ambassador,. Benedetto d’Acunzo, Indonesian Ambassador Nazir Datuk Pamontjak, French Ambassador Georges Cattand, Japanese Ambassador Morio Yukawa, Pakistan Ambassador Pir Ali Mohammad Rashdi, Spanish Ambassador Francisco Javier Conde;

Belgian Minister Ferdinand Buckens. Vietnamese Minister Cao Thai Bao, German Minister Friedrich Leopold Freiherr von Furstenberg, Indian Minister Mohinder Singh Chopra, Argentine Minister Rogelio Tristany, Swiss Minister Walter Hofer, Korean Minister Lincoln Hoon Kim;

American Charge ‘d’Affaires Horace Smith, Spanish Charge d’Affaires Fernando Aguirre de Carcer, Mexican Charge d’Affaires Carlos Gutierrez-Macias, and Netherlands Charge d’Affaires L. H. J. B. van Gorkom.

After receiving the diplomats, President Garcia also received Gov. Leon Fernandez of Sulu and Gov. Isidro Rodriguez and Representative-elect Francisco Sumulong of Rizal.

Another presidential caller was Roger E. Anderson, vice-president of the Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago. He was accompanied by RFC Chairman Eduardo Z. Romualdez.

PRESIDENT Garcia in his first meeting with his Cabinet today, after his victory at the polls, ordered that:

(1) Studies be made immediately as regards the amount of palay which the NARIC should buy for its stabilization work; and

(2) The Rice and Palay Board meet immediately in order to arrive at definite recommendations on the price support program for palay, as an incentive to producers.

The President and his Cabinet spent considerable time in the discussion of the rice stabilization program, especially with regard to the role of the NARIC as a stabilizer of the price of the cereal.

The Chief Executive ordered the early study of the effective amount of palay to be purchased by the NARIC in order to forestall the recurrence of rice shortages in the future. It was feared that the damage done by the recent typhoon Kit to rice plants in Northern Luzon might result in a rice shortage in that area.

The President called to the Cabinet meeting Acting NARIC General Manager Vicente Concepcion and inquired from him how much palay had been purchased by the NARIC this year. Concepcion replied that the NARIC had funds enough only for 3,000.000 cavans of palay which he said was only a very small portion of the total amount of palay production which was 76,000,000 cavans yearly.

Concepcion explained that the NARIC could not buy more of the local palay because of lack of capital to support a large-scale palay purchase. It was the consensus of the Cabinet that the NARIC should be authorized to buy as much palay as it could, enough to sustain its role of stabilizing the rice industry in the Philippines. It was believed that the NARIC would need more capital to carry out this objective.

It was further believed by the Cabinet that instead of the NARIC importing rice from abroad, it should concentrate more in the purchase of local palay which it could store in its warehouses and mill into rice for sale to the people during times of shortage.

The President ordered that this matter be studied immediately by the Rice and Palay Board, which will submit its recommendations to the President and the Cabinet.

The President also directed the Rice and Palay Board to meet immediately in order to arrive at definite recommendations on the price support program for palay as an incentive to rice producers. At present the price support of palay is set at ₱10.50 a cavan.

The board is composed of Acting Agriculture Secretary Jose M. Trinidad as chairman, with Labor Secretary Angel Castaño and Commerce Secretary Pedro Hernaez as members,

The committee said that it would meet immediately.

The President directed Education Secretary; Manuel Lim to study and make recommendations regarding the needs in the budget of his department in order to make the educational program of the Philippines more responsive to the present requirements of the country, especially in its economic development.

Lim said that his department would propose to implement a program of education, instruction, and training, both in the public and the private schools, that would produce for the nation a reasonable crop of qualified graduates fit to meet the requirements of business and industry and of technical men and skilled personnel in their respective fields of endeavor.

The education secretary said that according to the plan, these graduates would be able to work as professionals and career men who are needed in the country’s extensive and ramified social services. He added that he would submit his studies on the matter at the earliest possible time.

Lim also extended an invitation to the Cabinet members to see the exhibition of products of his department’s vocational schools,’ especially precision tools of industry.

The exhibits are being held at the Department of Education building on Arroceros Street.

The President presided over the Cabinet meeting which was held at the Council of State room from 10:40 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The following is the text of President Garcia’s statement on a statement issued by former President Sergio Osmeña congratulating the Chief Executive on his victory in the recent polls:

“I am heartened by the statement of former President Don Sergio Osmeña on the occasion of my victory and that of the Nacionalista. Party at the recent polls which he interpreted as the people’s approval of the Magsaysay-Garcia policies since 1954, and as an expression of the people’s abiding faith in my humble leadership.

“It is my hope that with the sincere cooperation of the people and with the help of God I shall rise equal to the expectation of the nation.

“I heartily thank President Osmeña for the new inspiration and encouragement he has given me and the Nacionalista Party through his statement.”

IN the evening the President told a group of sympathizers from Cebu not to dissolve their organization so that they could assist in implementing the Administration’s program in that province.

The President made this statement before members of an organization which backed his election bid in the recent election in Cebu.

Headed by Gil Garcia, the members presented the Chief Executive with a resolution expressing their congratulations to the President on his victory in the recent polls.

In expressing his gratitude for garnering an unprecedented majority in Cebu, the President said that he would never forget the manifestation of trust which the people of Cebu had reposed in him.

The group included Nicasio Osmeña, Fructuoso Cabahug, Juan Zamora, Elino Andales, Jose Corominas, Juvenal Almendras, Crecencio Richards, Vicente Garcia, Primo Alves, and Ramon Abellanosa.

November 23PRESIDENT Garcia arrived in Baguio City at 2 p.m. today where he will hold a series of conferences with economic and financial advisers for the purpose of discussing various measures which he intends to recommend for enactment when Congress convenes in January.

Leaving Malacañang by car at 9 a.m., the President was met some five hours later at the Baguio City boundary by a delegation of local officials headed by Mayor Alfonso Tabora and Rep. Ramon Mitra, who escorted him to the Guest House.

Among the callers this afternoon were Defense Secretary Jesus Vargas, Gov. Bernardo Gapus of La Union, and Filner DaCosta, director of the National Tourist Bureau of Portugal, who came accompanied by Modesto Farolan, his counterpart in the Philippines.

A delegation of Philippine Military Academy officials headed by Brig. Gen. Marcos Soliman, academy superintendent, also called at the Guest House to congratulate the President on his election and to reiterate their loyalty. Other members of the PMA group included Colonels Oscar Rialp, Salvador Piccio, Leonardo Mesiano, Blas Alejandre, and Federico Calma; Majors Geminiano Aguila and Asterio Belmonte; and Captains Raymundo Luna and Asterio Enriquez.

PRESIDENT Garcia today cabled Ambassador Carlos P. Romulo and instructed him to make all the necessary arrangements for the transportation of the remains of the late Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison.

The body of the late Governor-General of the Philippnies will be accompanied to Manila by his widow and his son Francis B. Harrison, Jr. The President also directed Ambassador Romulo to have an official of the Philippines Embassy in Washington accompany the body to Manila.

The President gave this directive upon learning from Ambassador Romulo that Harrison’s last wish was to be buried in the Philippines.

Romulo informed the President by-cable that Minister Raul Leuterio had already called on the widow of Harrison in Mulhocaway Farm in Clinton., New Jersey.

November 24.—WAKING up early this morning, the President strolled for a few minutes around the Mansion House ground. Then he heard mass before an improvised altar in the Guest House.

After breakfast, he received very few callers, among whom were Sens. Fernando Lopez and Domocao Alonto, Reps. Celestino Juan of Nueva Ecija and Ramon Mitra of Mt. Province, Baguio City Mayor Alfonso Tabora, and Maj. Angel Magallanes, head of the President Quezon’s Own Guerrilla (PQOG). The President congratulated Mayor Tabora, who is celebrating his birthday today.

The President also conferred with Benjamin Salvosa, manager of the PHILCOA. He authorized Salvosa during the conference to represent the Philippines at the international conference in Rome (Italy) next week.

About 7 a.m., the President boarded his car and motored around the Pines City. He was accompanied by Acting Press Secretary Guillermo V. Sison. He passed by Trinidad Valley, Mines View Park, Aurora Hill, and Camp Allen and returned to the Guest House about 1 o’clock p.m. He had lunch with Executive Secretary Fortunato de Leon and Press Secretary Sison.

The President did not receive callers in the afternoon.

President Garcia today issued an administrative order creating a committee which will take charge of preparations for the funeral of former Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison, who had expressed a last wish to be buried in the Philippines.

The President said that the late Governor-General will be accorded a state funeral in recognition of his services to the Philippines. The Committee is composed of Defense Secretary Jesus Vargas, chairman, Public Works Secretary Florencio Moreno, Sen, Francisco A. Delgado, Reps. Miguel Cuenco of Cebu and Ferdinand Marcos of Ilocos Norte, and Gregorio Licaros of the Central Bank, members. Aguinaldo Maaba, secretary to the Cabinet, was made committee secretary.

The Chief Executive received very few callers today. He spent most of his time in conference with government officials, including Budget Commissioner Dominador Aytona, RFC Chairman Eduardo Romualdez, Secretary Moreno, Secretary Vargas, ACCFA Chairman Ernesto Jimenez, NARIC Chairman Juan O. Chioco, and Brig. Gen. Diosdado Rodriguez, acting Armed Forces chief of staff.

November 25.—PRESIDENT Garcia this morning sent a message of condolence on the death of Mrs. Magsaysay’s mother. The message was sent to Mrs. Magsaysay. The text of the message follows:

“Mrs. Garcia and I extend our most heartfelt condolences on the death of your beloved mother, Mrs. Lucila R. Vda. de Banzon. An ideal and loving mother, she has raised a large family and served as an example to our Filipino mothers. May her soul rest in peace.”

The President also received this morning from Acting Central Bank Governor Andres Castillo a proof of the fifty-centavo notes which bears the signature of the President.

This is the first time that the signature of President Garcia appears on a Philippine currency note. The fifty-centavo note is being printed now by Thomas De la Rue and Co., Ltd., in London, Great Britain.

The President conferred this noon with defense officials headed by Defense Secretary Jesus Vargas. Others in the conference were Brig. Gen. Diosdado Rodriguez, acting AFP chief of staff; Col. Ananias Rosal, chief of the AFP Finance section; Col. Isauro Sison; and Assistant Executive Secretary Nicanor Jimenez.

The President discussed with them the proposed budget of the Armed Forces for fiscal year 1958-1959.

The proposed increase was ₱6.8 million as a result of readjustments in the increase of enlisted men.

President Garcia did not receive any callers today. He busied himself with important conferences with ranking government officials whom he summoned to Baguio. He also closeted himself in his private study, putting on the finishing touches to his speech before the opening season of the SEATO seminar in Baguio tomorrow.

The President was assisted in going over his speech by Minister Narciso G. Reyes.

November 26— President Garcia formally opened the current four-day seminar on countering Communist subversion in ceremonies held at the Mansion House about 9 a.m., the President inspected the honor guard formed by a company of Philippine Military Academy cadets. Then he was escorted to the seminar hall, where he delivered the welcome address to 81 seminar delegates.

He was introduced by Brig. Gen. Pelagio Cruz, SEATO seminar director.

Senior representatives of participating nations were presented one by one  to the President after his 15-minutes speech. He was accorded a standing ovation as he went in and out the Seminar hall.

About 10 a.m., the President retired to a hide-out in the outskirts of the city where he resumed his series of preliminary discussions with Budget Commissioner Dominador R. Aytona and Public Works Secretary Florencio Moreno on the new budget which will be submitted to Congress next session.

The Chief Executive also worked on pending state papers brought to Baguio from Manila by Col. Emilio Borromeo, senior military aide.

IN the afternoon the President returned to the Guest House where he received SEATO delegates and cocktails. Then he proceeded to his study where he had a recording made of his speech to be delivered in Manila in celebration of Bonifacio Day on November 30.

Among the last callers this evening were Gov. and Mrs. Felicisimo Aquino of Ilocos Norte; Antonio P. Aquino, brother of the governor who presented the President with an Ilocano blanket and towel woven from local materials; Antonio Floirendo of Davao; Antonio Garcia of Baguio City; and Major Godofredo Magellanes.

November 27 The President woke up early this morning at Baguio. When he entered the dining room for breakfast, he was told the newsmen were still asleep after a splurge the night before.

He then led a motorcade down to Manila, leaving the Guest House at 8:30 a.m. and reaching Manila shortly after 12 noon.

After having lunch at the Palace, the President took his regular afternoon nap.

Later, he went over state papers which had piled up.

Upon learning of the sudden ailment of  President Eisenhower, President Garcia immediately cabled the former and expressed his hope for his “speedy recovery.”

PRESIDENT garcia today issued an executive order creting a committee to take charge of the inauguration of the President and the Vice-President of the Philippines on December 30, 1957.

Named by the President as co-chairman of the committee were Finance Secretary Jaime Hernandez and Education Secretary Manuel Lim. Members included Sen. Quintin Paredes, Sen. Lorenzo Tañada, Rep. Bartolome Cabangbang of Bohol, Rep. Cornelio Villareal of Capiz, Gov. Isidro S. Rodriguez of Rizal, Executive Secretary Fortunato de Leon, Arsenio N. Luz, and Nicasio Osmeña. Aguinaldo Maaba was designated secretary of the committee.

The President empowered the committee to call upon any department, bureau, office, agency, or instrumentality of the government for such assistance, data, and information as it may need in discharging its duties.

November 28.— THIS morning the President agreed to send a personal representative to Iloilo City to look into the peace and order situation obtaining there.

President Garcia agreed to send his personal representative after hearing the request of Iloilo City Mayor Rodolfo Ganzon to have the PC control lifted in the city.

Mayor Ganzon informed the President that Iloilo City was peaceful and requested that the presidential representative inquire from civic organizations, foreigners, and religious elements about the peace and order condition.

Ganzon alleged that he was the object of persecution on the part of the press and the radio.

The President also received M. H. Patterson, vice-president and general manager of the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing International Company of Saint Paul, who was accompanied by Pedro Vasquez of Vasquez Bros.

Other presidential callers were Leyte Gov. Bernardo Torres, Carlos Montilla, and Rep.-elect Benjamin T. Ligot of the second district of Cagayan, who informed the President about the extent of the damage caused by typhoon Kit.

About 12:30 p.m., President and Mrs. Garcia motored to Manila Hotel to attend the testimonial banquet given in their honor by the officials and employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Earlier, President Garcia received Sen. Jose P. Laurel, Sr., who congratulated him on his victory in the recent polls.

Sen. Laurel expressed his support to the  Chief Executive, particularly in implementing the economic policy of the Administration.

Expressing his gratitude to Sen. Laurel, the President said that he was glad to have the Senator’s support.

PRESIDENT Garcia this noon bared before officials and employees of the Department of Foreign affairs that the most important aim of the Administration along economic lines is self-sufficiency of the country in food.

Quoting an English economist, President Garcia said that the “center of gravity in economics is the stomach.”

The occasion was the testimonial banquet given at the Manila Hotel’s Winter Garden in honor of the President and Mrs. Carlos P. Garcia by the officials and employees of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

At the same time, President Garcia also bared a new concept of loyalty when he stated that loyalty should not be to a man, be he president or secretary, but to country.

He appealed to the officials and employees of the department to cooperate with the efforts of the Administration to solve the rice problem of the country, stating that this problem has always plagued the country for decades.

The President also asked the cooperation of everybody in his efforts to make democracy more stable and enduring, and independence more permanent in the country.

He stated that the efforts of the Administration are geared to the solution of the economic problems of the country in order to make it a better place to live in.

The President spoke extemporaneously after being introduced by acting Foreign Affairs Secretary Felixberto Serrano.

The President today signed a proclamation authorizing the Philippine Cancer Society to conduct a national cancer educational fund drive during the period from December 1, 1957 to January 31, 1958.

The PCS has started the construction of a modern cancer clinic and will need funds to purchase much-needed clinical apparatus and other equipment.

PRESIDENT Garcia today received a cablegram from Ambassador Carlos P. Romulo informing him that two other members of the family of the late Francis Burton Harrison are coming to attend the funeral here at their own expense.

Aside from Mrs. Harisson, F.B. Harrison, Jr., a daughter, a stepdaughter, and a granddaughter are accompanying the group, which included Minister Raul Leuterio.

The body of the late former Governor-General is scheduled to arrive in Manila on December 2.

PRESIDENT Garcia, after barely resting from four days of conferences with his advisers in Baguio City, left Malacañang at 9 this evening and sailed for his hometown, Talibon, Bohol.

President Garcia left aboard the yacht Sta. Maria with the First Lady, their daughter, Mrs. Linda G. Campos, and several Boholanos.

A grand welcome awaits President Garcia in Bohol. This is his first trip to his home province since his victory in the November 12 polls.

November 29.—THE President boarded the presidential yacht Sta. Maria at 9 o’clock last night with a large entourage of Boholanos bound for the victory celebration in his home province. Accompanying the Chief Executive is the First Lady and their daughter, Mrs. Linda Garcia-Campos.

The yacht ran into rough, seas at lunchtime today and dropped anchor near Romblon to enable the passengers to have their meals. The high waves sent the boat pitching and the passengers to their beds.

Following lunch, the President held a brief news conference and announced that the Administration was stepping up the hunt for Leonardo Manecio, Cavite bandit leader, by increasing the men engaged in the operations.

At the press conference,, the Chief Executive said he was returning to Manila immediately to resume his meeting with Budget Commissioner Dominador Aytona and other Cabinet members on the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year. He said almost all of the Cabinet members had asked for increased operations. He pointed out that their requests would be care­fully studied in accordance with their merits.

The Chief Executive said he would prune appropriations to the minimum without impairing the efficiency of government operations.

The President is scheduled to return to Manila in time to attend the state funeral of one-time Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison on Tuesday.

PRESIDENT Garcia today expressed confidence that in the struggle for economic freedom and progress, “our people will prove true to their traditions and will rise and wage the supreme Struggle for economic development with the same determination and sense of destiny as Andres Bonifacio and his brave men did two generations ago.”

The President led the nation in commemorating Andres Bonifacio Day. In a tape-recorded speech, he said that the main motivation and objective of his coming four-year administration will be the uplifting of our common people from ancient poverty and want, providing them opportunities for productive employment of their talents and labor power, affording them of both a just share of the sum total of social wealth as well as of a fair share of responsibility in building up the national economic and social structure.”

The President’s speech had been tape-recorded before he left for Bohol and broadcast over CBN’s station DZXL at 8 p.m. today. He stated that the national structure he wanted to establish “must bear the image of our collective aspirations and ideals as a people, and it must be the product of our own efforts and the material: resources which God has so richly endowed this land of ours.”

He urged every Filipino that on this memorable Bonifacio Day, they should realize that in the pursuit of the national objective the same heroism as had been displayed by Andres Bonifacio was required. He expressed belief that his administration objective would rally all the elements of the nation together and galvanize the national will and mind in a unified, purposive force for speedy attainment of that objective.

“I trust that such was the primary expectation of our people in having given me the mandate to head the nation at this period of our history,” the President said.

Reminding the people of the heroism and patriotism of Andres Bonifacio, the President remarked that everybody must realize that in the context of the struggle for economic freedom, everyone, no matter how humble or how mighty, must rise to the heights of heroic dedication.

The President said: “Eleven years ago we won political freedom after long and arduous sacrifice. Today, we are engaged in an equally vital and difficult task—the struggle for economic stability and security. In this struggle we shall need the same fierce fidelity to a common objective, unyielding faith in our own genius and capabilities to rise above harassing circumstances and overcome inevitable obstacles; finally, cheerful willingness to render personal sacrifice for the common good of all and indomitable courage to work together in solid unity such as those of Andres Bonifacio and his men.”

The President added: “This day ought to inspire us with a strong sense of hope and confidence in the future. The story and record of that great struggle of Andres Bonifacio forms a proud part of the traditions not only of our people but also of the whole mankind.”

THE President today; directed NEC Presiding Officer Eduardo Z. Romualdez and his committee which had prepared the bidding of the development of the Surigao nickel deposits to study amendments to the law governing the mines in order to make its exploitation more attractive to private companies.

The President took this step to hasten the development of the multi-million-peso mines. In the bids which were opened last October 31, to exploit these mines, no bidder participated reportedly because of certain restrictions.

Among points in the law governing the development of the Surigao mines which need amendments are those regarding the participation of the operating company and the guaranteed payments which the company should pay after five years of operation.

It is believed that if the provisions of the law were made more equitable and attractive to the operator, foreign companies will participate in the next bidding.

The President however pointed out that in amending the law, provisions should be included to protect the interests of the Philippine Government.

The President told Romualdez to ready the amendments to the law at the earliest time possible for; submission to the next session of Congress.

The President’s interest in the development of the Surigao nickel mines is in accordance with his main objective of solving the country’s economic problems.

EXECUTIVE Secretary Fortunato de Leon today inducted Col Jose Rodriguez as chairman of the Board of Dental Examiners, Dr. Pedro Bañez as member of the same board, and Eugenio Reyes as member of the Board of Examiners for Accountancy.

Col. Rodriguez and Dr. Bañez were new appointees while Reyes was reappointed to the same position. Secretary De Leon inducted the three officials at his office in Malacañang.

November 30.— PRESIDENT Garcia arrived in Tagbilaran, Bohol, this morning to find the capital town in a festive mood in welcome to the favorite son of the province. He was received with fluvial parade as the presidential yacht Santa Maria steamed into Tagbilaran harbor.

After a brief news conference aboard the yacht, President Garcia debarked at 9:20 a.m. to be received by a welcoming group headed by Bishop Manuel Mascariñas of Tagbilaran. The prelate led the President to the Cathedral where a Te Deum was sung for the Chief Executive.

From the church, President Garcia proceeded to the town plaza where he addressed a large throng to thank the Boholanos for endorsing his candidacy. He was later honored with a luncheon at the Tagbilaran Hotel by different civic organizations.

IN the afternoon, the President motored to Batuan where he laid a wreath at the marker honoring Francisco Salazar and his guerilla band. The spot marked the first clashed between the Bohol guerillas and Japanese occupation forces in the last war. President Garcia was a member of the guerilla outfit of the province.

IN the evening, the President was honored with a victory ball. He is scheduled to sail for Manila tomorrow evening to arrive here Tuesday morning in time for the funeral services for former Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison.

A BIG delegation of farmers from five provinces in Central Luzon trooped to Malacañang this morning to bring their problems to the attention of President Garcia.

In the absence of President Garcia, who is in Bohol, Col. Crisanto Alba, Malacañang adviser, receive the delegation and heard their plaints, promising to transmit them to president Garcia.

The farmers complained against Juan Bengco, overseer of the San Juan Estate in San Fernando, Pampanga, for allegedly trying to change the crop sharing contract from a basis of 70-30 to 50-50.

The same delegation also requested a presidential directive releasing at least 200 hectares of agricultural land belonging to the Pampanga National Agricultural School reservation to about 60 landless farmers who actually are cultivating the land in the municipality of Magalang, Pampanga.

The farmers also requested presidential intervention in the land conflict between a group of farmers belonging to the Federation of Free Farmers and another headed by Mayor Federico Muli of Dinalupihan, Bataan.

Both groups claim priority rights in the possession of the farm lots, which is a government-own id agricultural land with an approximate area of around 300 hectares located in the barrios extending from Saguin, San Benito, up to Colo, Dinalupihan.

The delegation also alleged that Mayor Muli was able to drive away some of their companions frdm their farms having a total area of 50 hectares.

Earlier, Nationalist China Foreign Minister George K. Yeh came to Malacañang to pay a courtesy call on the President. In the absence of President Garcia, Executive Secretary Fortunato de Leon received the Chinese dignitary.

Present during the call were Chinese Ambassador Chen Chih-mai, Col. Chen Ping-ching, air attache, of the Chinese Embassy, and Malacañang Protocol Officer Manuel Zamora.

Meanwhile, Secretary De Leon announced that President Garcia had signed two proclamations, one declaring the period from December 8 to 14, 1957, as Government Employees Week and another transferring Public Administration Week from me second week of November of this year to the third week of June, 1958.

PRESIDENT Garcia’s four-year economic development program gets a boost with the President signing Proclamation No. 459, declaring the period from December 1 to 7, 1957, as National Rice Production Week, Malacañang announced today.

The President’s long-range economy plan which the President discussed with his economic advisers last Sunday in Baguio embraced among other things, but principally, all gigantic food production program aimed at making the country self-sufficient in its staple foods which are rice and corn, and other food crops. The proclamation signed by the President stresses only a phase of the huge food production program.

In his proclamation, the President said that “in order to encourage rapid increase in the production of rice, our principal staple food, it is necessary to set aside a period during which the people’s attention may be drawn to the importance of increasing our rice supply and achieving self-sufficiency in this commodity.”

The Chief Executive directed the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources to take charge of the celebration and to coordinate all activities in connection with the week-long observance. Acting Agriculture Secretary Jose Trinidad said that he had circularized his field men giving them instructions as regards the most effective means of celebrating the National Rice Production Week.

During this period, the people of the Philippines, especially the farmers, will be made more aware of the necessity of producing enough rice to prevent scarcity of this commodity and in order to bring its price well within the reach of the masses. The farmers will also be shown the more effective means of producing rice; such as, seed selection, use of fertilizers and insecticides and the scientific way of planting palay. All of these means will contribute to the production of better quality rice and greater rice yields per hectare.

A Malacañang spokesman said in this connection that the President’s four-year food production program included:

(1) Completion of the irrigation program which will irrigate a total of 500,000 hectares of ricelands;

(2) Free distribution of insecticides and fertilizers to small farmers producing rice, corn, anal other food crops;

(3) Providing farmers with selected seeds through the establishment of more seed farms throughout the country;

(4) Construction of more feeder and rural roads to enable farmers to transport their produce more easily to centers of population; and

(5) Intensified adoption of the Masagana and the Margate systems of rice culture.

The spokesman said that the observance of the National Rice Production Week would focus the nation’s attention to the national efforts in increasing the country’s rice production and would pave the way for the implementation of the President’s gigantic food production program which will be pursued in the next four years.

THE President this day directed all government relief agencies to rush aid to the fire victims of Abuyog, Leyte, where a reported ₱1.5 million fire had gutted six blocks of commercial and residential houses Thursday night, November 28.

In a communication sent to Executive Secretary Fortunato de Leon, the President ordered the Social Welfare Administration, the Philippine National Red Cross, the Department of Health, and the Armed Forces to rush necessary aid to the fire victims of Abuyog.

The President sent the directive from Tagbilaran, Bohol, where he was informed of the fire.

Source: University of the Philippines, College of Law Library

Office of the President of the Philippines. (1957). Official Week in Review. Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, 53(22), dxxxv-dlii.