Press Briefing by Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma, Maria Montelibano, Commissioner Millie Kilayko, Commissioner Cesar Sarino, and Commissioner Ogie Alcasid on February 15, 2011

Press Briefing by Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma, Maria Montelibano, Commissioner Millie Kilayko, Commissioner Cesar Sarino, and Commissioner Herminio Alcasid:

On the itinerary of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the EDSA People Power

Briefing Room, 2/F New Executive Building, Malacañang, Manila

February 15, 2011; 13:30 hrs. EST

SECRETARY HERMINIO COLOMA: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the Malacañang Press Corps.  On February 25, 20011 we will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. President Aquino has appointed new members of the EDSA People Power Commission, led by the chairman, Executive Secretary Ochoa who will be joining us before the end of the session. In the meantime, I’m pleased to introduce the members of the EDSA People Power Commission that are here with us. From my left Mimi Kilayko; Mr. Cesar Sarino; your favorite and mine, Mr. Ogie Alcasid; not here, but also part of the Commission are the Vice Chair, Ms. Chris Carreon , former Secretary Jose Pardo and Ms. Emily Abrera.

To begin our briefing, may I call on Ms. Maria Montelibano. And, she will walk you through the main events of the celebration. You may ask questions after the walkthrough on the schedule. Thank you.

MS. MARIA MONTELIBANO: Thank you, Secretary Coloma. Good afternoon. This is the way we’ll do it. While I walkthrough, we’ll give you a walkthrough. The commissioners who are in charged of that special event, I will call on to give you more substance on it. In the light of what’s happening worldwide— especially in the Middle East in Egypt having their own People Power and Tunisia and the rest—it is good to remember that People Power started in the 20th century. People Power started in the Philippines. And sometime in 1995, we had a special called EDSA the World Remembers. And, this was really a special where a lot of leaders like—Vaclav Havel, like [Raul] Alfonsin, and even President Bill Clinton and former US Congressman [Stephen] Solarz—gave their homage and their tribute to the Filipino people for starting a peaceful revolution in 1986. So, it is in this spirit that we would like to remind everybody that it did happen; it did happen in the Philippines. And in those four glorious days, the world was mesmerized with what happened to us with the change of the regime that was a dictator.

This is the logo that we have for the celebration. It speaks of what we want to do: “Pilipino ako. Ako ang lakas ng pagbabago.” And that means, the change we gained each of us that it is not just government today, but also the citizenry that must do our share to make this country work.  We have activities starting from the 17th of February. And on the 17th or this Thursday at 6 p.m., with special guest Viel Aquino-Dee, we have at the SM North—The Block—the exhibit of the inaugural book. And then, all through out the world, we will have also the exposition of the several videos that we had on EDSA.

On February 21, Ambassador Wilfrido Villacorta is launching his book, Noynoy: Triumph of a People’s Campaign. Remember, in one  of the articles or the column of Conrado de Quiros of the PDI, he said that this election was really EDSA masquerading as an election. So, here, Dr. Wilfrido Villacorta will launch his book called, Noynoy:  Triumph of a People’s Campaign. And then also, we have in the afternoon the exhibit of the Revolution Revisited by Kim Komenich. He is the Pulitzer Prize photographer who was here in 1986, and photographed a lot of people and are now looking for these people and finding out what happened to their lives 25 years after. This is at the Ayala Museum.

Sonny Camarillo’s Exhibit  will also start on the 21st, and that’s going to be tarpaulins that will be out in EDSA—30 pieces of them, 10×12 which will be hung over at EDSA from the EDSA Shrine to the People Power Monument.

And, on the 22nd, we have tree planting activities which, hopefully, we start at Camarines Sur with Governor Elray Villafuerte. And, this will kick off all our tree planting activities nationwide.

Then we have inauguration of the AFP Museum. This is the room where former Secretary, now Senate President Enrile and former President, then Chief of Staff Ramos decided to breakaway from the regime. In the afternoon, we have the People Powered Markets: Sa Bayang Umaasenso, Sama-sama Tayo. This is a reversed trade market exhibit, and that will be at the NBC Tent.

Then we have Yes Pinoy. Yes Pinoy is the foundation of Dingdong Dantes. They are going to have a trainer’s training symposium at the UP Diliman Hostel. And, this is going to be a symposium of about a hundred to a hundred-fifty people on what they want to do next with their lives—rekindling the spirit of EDSA. And, they will invite 12 leaders—in coming student council leaders from the different provinces and their professors to come and be part of this symposium.

On the 23rd, we have Pilipino Got Bukas. This is at the Rizal High School, Pasig where the students, about 2,000 of them, will do a human mural as their contribution to the EDSA celebration.

We have also EDSA Babies Expo, still handled by Yes Pinoy. This is at, again, SM North Skydome. This is an expo, kakaibang expo, because they will now show you in their own style what they feel and what they believe should happen to our country. You see, to them, there are three age groups since EDSA 1. These are the baby boomers or those born after the war and were there at EDSA 1. There are the Martial Law babies or the fathers and the EDSA babies that they call themselves. So, here, they’re saying through songs, through dances, through free expression of their spirit—they will also show us what the spirit of EDSA means to them. The best and brightest will be awarded, and in the evening they will have a presentation or a program for the awardees that were chosen at 5 o’clock.

Naturally, like all the rest, we also have the 40-hour vigil in all the 25 churches—40-hour vigil for a successful and a celebration. Okay, on the 23rd starts also the freedom tour. I’d like to call on Commissioner Kilayko to tell us more about the freedom tour.


The Freedom Tour is the initiative of the Department of Tourism wherein the four major spots of significance of EDSA will be visited by the buses that will be going through these areas. First of course would be the La Salle Greenhills which, as you all know, was the site of the counting and the walk out of the computer engineers. Second will be the EDSA Shrine, then we will go on to the People Power Monument and we’ll end at Club Filipino where Cory Aquino took her oath as President of the Philippines. There will be different modes of showing or showcasing the historical significance of these areas. We will have tableaus where there will be people re-enacting the scenes. There will be film showing and there will also be giant screens that will show the events that occur in these particular areas. The tour will start on February 23, and there will also be buses that will be assigned to the media. And, I take this time to invite you if you want to be one of the first people who will be joining this tour— February 23rd is for you. Most of those who have indicated to join the tours will be children from the public   schools. And this, of course, pleases us because we would like really the younger generation to be able to experience what EDSA was before. Tours will run on the 23rd, 24th and 25th.

Later in the press conference, a number will be shown on the screen where people who are interested especially  schools who would be interested  in joining up and signing up can call and book themselves to the tour. Thank you.

MONTELIBANO: Thank you, Millie. On the eve of the 24th, we will have also a Eucharistic celebration at the EDSA shrine, and this is going to be officiated by Bishop Bernardino Cortez. After which, they have the procession of our Lady of Peace at Barrio Fiesta. I’d like to call now Commissioner Cesar Sarino for the activities on the 25th.


The 25th is a full day activity for the celebration. And, as has been done in the past, we start with the flag raising at 7:30 in the morning. All the players of the revolution 25 years ago are expected to attend, principally former President Fidel Ramos, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and other members of the military who were part and parcel of the revolution 25 years ago. The flag raising ceremony will run from 7:30 about 9 o’ clock with the President arriving at about 7:30. And, all the uniform components of the government, the AFP, PNP the training institutes—the ROTC—will be there to be part of the flag raising ceremony. At some point during that event, an inter-faith group will be asked to lead the nation in an ecumenical prayer. After the flag raising which starts from 7:30 to 9 o’clock, then there is another event at Luneta where the monument of Cardinal Sin will be unveiled. This is located at the back of the statues of President Cory and Senator Ninoy Aquino. This will be led by of course Mayor Fred Lim and Monsignor Bishop Soc Villegas. Then, the third event in the morning is there will be a job fair at the POEA and an unveiling of the marker where President Cory went before the revolution. This is not a very known fact that before the 25th, President Aquino went to POEA which was then in front of the EDSA Shrine to give a speech to employ the people to join the revolution. So, the marker will be unveiled in POEA, and POEA will have a job fair and they will offer 25,000 jobs for overseas work. After the job fair, the highlight for the day is also the boodle lunch with the President along EDSA. About a thousand to two thousand people will be asked to join the President for the boodle lunch and this will be on the road fronting the POEA going towards the People Power Monument. And, we expect all sectors to be represented—government, private, youth, the not-so-old, you know, for the people who were at the EDSA 25 years ago. At the same time that this going on, there is also a medical mission to be held at the Gate 1 of Camp Aguinaldo. This will be headed by DOH and PCSO.

I’d like to call on Millie to talk about what happens along EDSA from 7:30 on to 6 o’clock in the evening because EDSA will be a festive area on the 25th and Mili will discuss how this thing looks like what will happen that time, Millie?

KILAYKO: Thank you, Cesar.

If you all remember, or maybe you’re too young to remember because you weren’t born then yet, but EDSA was really more than just an event of the day. It was really people coming together, sharing hearts and forgetting what they were—forgetting they were rich, or were they poor or middleclass—just remembering they were Filipinos with one goal. And, this is what EDSA is going to be on the 25th. The whole strip from the People Power Monument to the EDSA Shrine is going to blossom with like a trade fair with booths selling foods and selling other mementos of the occasion. Most of the booths will have food that will be sold at 25 pesos because this is the 25th year of EDSA plus other things of course. Many of these souvenir items will also be sold at 25 percent discount. The booths will be participating in by the Philippine Franchise Association and the Department of Trade and Industry is also organizing some of the SMEs to be around. And, we hope to see the same spirit of sharing and giving as we had 25 years ago. And, as Commissioner Sarino said earlier, there will be an area; it will be about 250 metered table where the boodle lunch will be served. And then we will, again, see the same spirit of sharing and giving and caring as we saw 25 years ago.

The whole strip will be blooming and fest with all these activities from the flag raising time until the evening of the same day. There will be a mini-concert on the EDSA strip. There will also be Tatak EDSA tents where people can sign up their commitments to be part of EDSA and to renew the spirit in their own communities or in their own surroundings. So, the Tatak EDSA tents and commitment walls will be all within the area. And aside from the mini-concert within the EDSA strip, there will also be another concert which also Commissioner Ogie Alcasid will talk about later.

SARINO: We come to the highlight of the celebration on the 25th the re-enactment of the meeting of the military and the civilians which we call now Salubong along EDSA.  There will be two groups  marching towards the People Power monument. The group of the north side will be  the group of the military. The group from the south side will be the civilian contingency which is us.  We start congregating at about 3 o’clock and there start marching  towards the People Power Monument are back 3:45. And we will  meet, in front of the People Power  Monument  at about 4:00 o’clock or thereabouts.

We expect lot of people to join this event.  In fact,  we estimate about 30, 000  lay people to join and about 3,000 or 5,000 from the military.  Again,  through you ,  we would like  the people, you know,  to join us on the 25th. We would like to  show a massive show of unity and support  of what happened  25 years ago. And, hopefully, as  Ms.  Montelibano said, they kindle again the spirit of EDSA, you know, for those who join before and those  who have not even  retested, you know, in their lives.

By the way, the EDSA celebration this year is nationwide.  We have asked all LGUs to participate . We have asked all the major camps of AFP and PNP to participate.  And, the DepEd issued a circular for all schools to have a program on the 25th of  February.  This, I think is, you know—we hope the  Salubong are to be  very meaningful  and this will show  that we are  once again  a people united.  Now, can I  ask Commissioner Alcasid to talk about  the variety show after the Salubong. Mr. Ogie?

COMMISSIONER HERMINIO “OGIE” ALCASID: Thank you, Commissioner Sarino.

Siyempre, pagkatapos ng lahat ng  nangyari, dapat naman magsaya tayo.   Kaya ang concert which will be on February 25 at 7:30 hanggang alas diyes ng gabi ay isang live variety show.  Sa  tingin  ko, sa unang  pagkakataon na napagsama po namin ang  lahat ng mga sikat na artista mula sa TV-5, sa  ABS-CBN, at sa GMA 7.  So, sa gabing iyon, wala po tayong network war.  Talagang pagkakaisa ang tema. Sa may White Plains po ito sa Quezon City at ang  theme ay  Filipino Ako, Ako ang lakas  ng Pagbabago.  At, ang title po ng concert namin ay TATAK  EDSA 25.  It will be divided into five parts iyong concert natin.  It’s a mix of  dance, music, pagkatapos mayroong kaunting theater, mayroong mix-media,  mayroong kaunting arts doon sa  entablado, and this will be all of OPM.  Siyempre, kailangan tangkilikin natin ang ating sariling musika, hindi ba?

Those suites which I  mention, the five suites, it starts with the  people power history. So, ito ay iyong tinatawag nating simulain. And, there will be many performances. Halo-halo po iyan. Nandiyan  ang  Philippine Madrigal Singers, nandiyan siyempre ang ating mga pop icons, sina Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, kilalang kilala ko po iyon; sina Sarah Geronimo—marami pang mga sikat.  So, we will have   over a  hundred top artists and dancing celebrities who will  participate.  But the  second one  is the—ang tinatawag nating  Ang Diwa. Ito naman iyong the Spirit of EDSA People Power.

By the way, the  hosts of the entire  evening, iyong work will be divided into  by Kris Aquino, ako po, at si  Ryan Agoncillo and, hopefully, Dingdong Dantes kung puwede siya sa gabing iyon. So, nakita ninyo, lahat kami nagkakaisa  ng magkakaiba kami ng channel, pero that night  ay magkakasama kami.  And then, there will be a tribute to the OPM classics doon sa Ang Diwa.  Pagkatapos, iyong  third  suite we call, Mga Simbolo.  Dito po ipapakita po namin through music again ang mga simbolo ng People Power. Mayroon iyong mga gawa ng ating mga artists makikita ninyo po on stage na habang nagpipinta po iyong ating mga artists ini-interpret po nila iyong  kinakanta noong singer.  So, hindi lang siya musical treat, pero  visual treat  po. Medyo kakaiba ng kaunti.  And then, the fourth part is hat we call, Ang Mga Bayani.  Dito po natin ipapakita iyong ating mga heroes of today na  nagpapatunay na ang People Power ay buhay na buhay.  Hindi lang sa mga puso ng mga nakakatanda, pero pati na rin sa  mga  kabataan—kaming mga kabataan.

Ang fifth part ay ang People Power ngayon. So, dito sa parteng ito napakainterensante na kami po ay  sa pakikipagtulungan sa PANA [Philippine Association of National Advertisers] po, ang ating advertisers, kasi ang kanyang advocacy naniniwala sila na panahon na para ipakita sa buong mundo at  sa lahat ng mga Pilipino na tayong lahat ay mabubuting mga mamamayan.  Kaya ang kanilang, kumbaga, tema ay  uso ang matino sa mga Pilipino. So, gumawa sila ng lyrics at nilapatan ko naman po ng music at sa gabi na iyon ilo-launch namin ang  bago naming awitin na pinamagatang “Narito Ako, Pilipino.“ And, this will be sung by  various artists. I think the final recording will be tonight and you will be hearing that song on radio starting, I think, next week. Simula pa lang iyan. I think PANA will be working closely with the Commission because they share the same vision that we have. And then, of course,  sana  po ay mayaya natin ang  mahal na Pangulo na kumanta rin. Hindi pa namin alam kung ano ang kanyang gustong kantahin and, of course, he will be speaking also that night.  And then, we will  be having  fireworks  after that.  So, as for the details  of the show,  you can ask me later. Salamat po.

MONTELIBANO: Thank you, Ogie.

On the 26th, we have the unveiling of a marker dito sa Kalayaan Hall natin. This used to be called Maharlika Hall during President Marcos’ time. And then, today it is called Kalayaan Hall precisely because we took over Malacañang when the dictatorship was toppled down because of the EDSA Revolution. So, there will be a marker that we will place from the EDSA Commission just to mark that event. And then, we have the People Power Awards at 11:00 o’clock at the Heroes Hall. After which there will be lunch. And then, on the 27th which caps our activities. We have the People Power Run. This is a run that is led by the the Ninoy-Cory Aquino Foundation. And, it will have—the routes are from Ortigas to Green Meadows to C5. And, this will have simultaneous runs in Cebu City, Zamboanga City, Dipolog, Angeles City, and the Bicol Region. In the evening, Dingdong Dantes’ Group, Yes Pinoy, has a re-launch and this will be at the NBC tent. This is actually the last event where the EDSA Revolution now bequeath the EDSA because the YES Pinoy claim that they are now the EDSA Babies. So, that caps our schedules for the EDSA celebration.

The schedules that we’ve given you is a work in progress. We are still collating all the other schedules that have been given us. Like from the Department of Social Welfare under Secretary Soliman who has now a workshop with several government officials and citizens in the participation of the People Power Towards Poverty Reduction and OPAPP. So, we will still be giving you more schedules as we received them. We would also like to ask everyone to join us at EDSA and celebrate with us. And, if you want to participate in whatever activities that we have mentioned already, you can, please call [refers to the screen] We have numbers that we will flash that you can call for coordination specially if you are big groups and would like to be there. Please coordinate with us, we still have time for the EDSA 25, February 25, Cuevas, that’s Edna Cueva? Cuevas. Okay, Edna Cuevas says, she’s Edna Cueva.

We will be giving you a press kit. That will also show the route. We have a preliminary map. If you see those yellow markers, those yellow boxes, those are the food stalls. And from POEA, the big box, yellow boxes are the Tatak Edsa, wherein we will ask people to come and register and do the commitment for the country. This is “Anong Taya mo para sa Bayan?” We will collate this and we will continue to engage the citizenry now into active participation and find out whatever they need to know and find out also what they want to do for the country. Then, that is mini-stage that we have. That is at the Corinthian area. The blue boxes are the Sonny Camarillo tarpaulins that will be hung in EDSA. And then, if you noticed the tanks, these are the—I call them the tangke de guera, ‘no? These are the tanks that are obsolete and no longer in use, but, were the ones flying the Robinsons area and the EDSA area during the EDSA I. They will be there for static display, so we can now show the people what we had to go through and fight and stop the tanks through prayer, through rosaries, the flowers, and the camaraderie between the soldiers and the citizenry. And then, we have one helicopter that was also used by General [Antonio] Sotelo when he came down and saluted former President Ramos then Chief of Staff and join the forces—l the people’s forces.

At White Plains the stage which we call the Ogie Stage, will be after the gate of the Corinthian Subdivision. And again, there are some more tarpaulins there and food stalls that will be prepared.

Any questions?

COLOMA: The Commissioners will now answer your questions. The first on my list, Aileen Intia.

AILEEN INTIA [NHK] : Good afternoon Ma’am. I’m sorry, first for you and then Secretary Coloma just to have your word on this.

How would you assess or describe the influence that the first People Power Anniversary had on international developments—similar developments?

MONTELIBANO: You know, in all the leaders that we had on the tape that we are now going to revive for showing, said that they were all inspired. Nelson Mandela was inspired while he was still in jail. Even the South Korean student demonstration that at the time of President Kim Dae Jung, said that they took their inspiration from our People Power. The Solidarity Movement of Czechoslovakia, of Poland, and Czechoslovakia were also said that they were inspired by the EDSA People Power. And then, if you noticed recently, in Egypt, they had the same things that have been happening. They’re trying to be very peaceful. They use flowers and friendship. Well now, that they look into it, they have more on a questioning the stand that they have until they have an election in September.

INTIA: Secretary Coloma how do you assess how the first EDSA anniversary or EDSA People Power Revolution had shaped world events?

COLOMA: Well I think the theme song of that event says it all: Handong ng Pilipino sa Mundo—the Tatak Edsa, the EDSA brand of peaceful change. People Power being the impetus for transforming society is our legacy to the world in terms of shaping the future of nations. And until today, that legacy lives on because areas of the world that had been under authoritarian regimes are now being transformed into areas where people are clamoring for the exercise of basic rights and freedoms. And, it so happens that this historical junctures, the Middle East that has become the focus of these developments.

WILLARD CHENG [ABS-CBN 2]: Sir, Ma’am, good afternoon. Sir, aside from former President Ramos, are the two former Presidents Estrada and Arroyo invited to any of the events?

MONTELIBANO: Everyone will be invited to the events especially the past Presidents and all who would like to rekindle and remember EDSA People Power 1986, even if you were not there.

CHENG: There’s a formal invitation Ma’am that will be sent out to the two former Presidents?

MONTELIBANO: There will be formal invitations.

CHENG: No word, ma’am, kung pupunta po sila, wala pa po?


CHENG: Tanong ko lang, kasi school kung holiday lang po iyong February 25? Do you think na mas magiging malawak ang magiging participation ng public kung ginawa po itong non-working holiday?

COLOMA: One important consideration here is the welfare of the working class, ‘no? As you know, many of our workers are covered by the no work, no pay rule. And, this is why there is—may we call it reluctance—to just declare holidays beyond the holidays that have already been declared. That’s always an important consideration, but there could be an appeal to the employers. If the employers themselves are participating, we would be encouraging them to allow their employees. They could probably let go of their employees in the afternoon of February 25 because that will be the main window for the events to unfold at EDSA. That could be done. We would also be coursing this appeal through the various associations of the business and industrial sectors like PCCI, Employers Confederation, Management Association, and the like. That since EDSA also highlights the spirit of volunteerism, it will be good if the employers will demonstrate and manifest this by allowing their employees to participate in the afternoon of February 25.

CELERINA MONTE [MANILA SHIMBUN]: I just want to ask how much are you going to spent with this activity and where will the budget coming from?

MONTELIBANO: Thank you for asking that question. This celebration of the 25th anniversary of EDSA is a private endeavor. A number of companies are going to sponsor and support this project that is going to be a private-public-partnership. But, more of the private, they are now spearheading this and government will just support it in whatever they can.

MONTE: So, you don’t have any estimate   kung  kahit na private siya?

MONTELIBANO: We are still collating the expenses and the budget. But, don’t worry we will be very prudent in the celebration. A lot of it will be really on volunteer basis. Like the Philippine Franchise Association are doing it on their own. We have not talk of  cost  and they will take care of whatever   resources they need for the day.

MONTE: Ma’am, at least, around 35,000 people are expected  to participate in this event. Is there any assurance of their security?

MONTELIBANO: Yes. I would like to call Cesar Sarino who has been in touch with the PNP and AFP.

SARINO: I think, when I met with PNP, MMDA and other agencies, they have been very cooperative in terms of contributing what they can to assure that the celebration is, you know, peaceful and joyful. The PNP has assured that they will take all security arrangement including traffic and they will present to us, in fact, their final plans by tomorrow.

MONTE: So, there will be traffic rerouting, if ever?

SARINO: Yeah, I think on the 25th, three  lanes or  the four lanes going north will be closed. And, I think Maria can give us more details about it.

COLOMA: This is being discussed with Chairman Tolentino of MMDA, and NCRPO Chief Bartolome. Our guideline, is we would like to minimize disruption and we would like to ensure continuity of traffic flow and there will appropriate announcements on rerouting. And, this will be done in the afternoon of February 25.  So, MMDA and PNP are coordinating and they will submit to the Commission their proposal and this will be duly announced to all of you.

ALCASID: If I may add, nais din naming magpasalamat sa pamunuan ng TV 5 dahil sa TV 5 po mai-ere  po ang ating concert.  Nagpapasalamat din kami sa pamunuan ng GMA-7 dahil  napahiram ang lahat ng mga talents,  kay Mr. [Felipe] Gozon sa boss namin and of course to ABS-CBN, Mr. [Gabby] Lopez.  So, kung tatanungin po ninyo iyong cost, iyong bayad sa mga artista, mayroon kaming kaunting  honorarium. Siyempre, ako walang bayad. I think all of the artists understand that the essence is volunteerism at iyon  nga ang sinasabi namin. Nakakatuwa, dahil lahat sila excited; lahat sila very cooperative. Totoo po iyong sinasabi ni Tita Maria na, bagama’t masaya at very festive ang mood sa buong selebrasyon, eh nagtitipid naman po kami.

MARIE PEÑARUIZ: Ma’am or sir, have we invited any foreign dignitaries especially those in the countries where the People Power Revolution was inspired?

MONTELIBANO: Well, the President has invited the family of former Congressman Stephen Solarz. They are here and they will join the celebration and some activities of the celebration. Remember, Congressman Solarz was very integral and very strategic to what happened to us and he was the one who was spearheading really an openly spoken for the Filipino cause in Edsa ‘86.  He passed away recently and the family will be here upon invitation of President Aquino.

PEÑARUIZ: Only Solarz, ma’am. The others in other countries?

MONTELIBANO: Only the family of Congressman Stephen Solarz, perhaps, in the succeeding celebration  when we know more about  how we  can develop  our People Power really and  put it really on the map of something that we  must be proud of and  must remember, we will invite other foreign dignitaries to join.

COLOMA: I have written  to the ambassadors  of consuls or charge d’ affairs of all the embassies of the countries  that have experienced People Power after Edsa 1986. And, we are awaiting for the messages of solidarities that will be coming from their respective heads of states which we will duly disseminate among you as soon as they are received.

Any further questions?

Bilang pasasalamat po sa inyong pagdalo ang ating kaibigang si Ogie ay mayroong special na alala. ‘Yung pag-awit po niya nire-reserve po niya sa February 25 at magta-taping pa sila mamamaya. Mayroong kaunting meryendang inialay si Ogie—Ogie Doggie.

Maraming pong Salamat ang Thank you for your participation.