DOE: Contingency plan in place for Malampaya maintenance in July

An April 3, 2012 press release from the Department of Energy

The Department of Energy (DOE) wishes to assure the public, particularly the people of Luzon, that there will be no impending brownouts in the said region given the scheduled shutdown of the Malampaya gas plant for seven-day maintenance scheduled for July. The DOE already met with the National Power Corporation, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, and power generators to set up contingency plans that will keep stable the power supply situation in Luzon as the plants running on Malampaya gas can also run on alternate fuels. The DOE also notes that the shutdown is scheduled in the month wherein power demand will be lowest and other baseload facilities would have already completed their annual maintenance work. Rest assured that the DOE is closely monitoring the situation to ensure that the power supply will not be affected during the maintenance works.

Likewise, the DOE commends the Grid Management Committee under the Energy Regulatory Commission, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, and all power plants and distribution utilities for heeding the DOE’s call to come together to establish the annual Grid Operation and Maintenance Program. The program allows for better coordination and timing for regular maintenance works to ensure continued power supply, and ensures that there is proper scheduling of all planned activities in generation or transmission, guided by practices and structures set by industry players.