PHL delegation to China met with the Chinese foreign minister at Years of Friendly Exchanges launch

An April 12, 2012 press release from the Department of Foreign Affairs

The Philippine delegation met with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi during the official launch of the 2012–2013 Philippines–China Years of Friendly Exchanges (YFE) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beijing, last April 11.

Headed by Representative Al Francis Bichara, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives, the Philippine delegation was composed of Rep. Ma. Zenaida B. Angping, Vice Chair of the Committee on Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Diplomacy, with spouse and former Rep. Harry Angping; Rep. Julieta R. Cortuna, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs; and Assistant Secretary Ma. Theresa Lazaro and Director Aileen Mendiola-Rau of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Office of Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Foreign Minister Yang welcomed the delegation by saying that the Philippines and China, as close neighbors, should foster closer interaction as parliaments reflect the will and desire of the people. He observed that the economic dynamism of the Asian region has encouraged both countries to aim for strong economic relations and build more physical connectivity in the region.

Foreign Minister Yang added, “Both countries need to truly reflect the warm feelings of both peoples and to focus on the positive aspects of the relationship.”

In response, Rep. Bichara said that China welcomes more visits from the Philippines by proposing more inter-parliamentary exchanges.

Following the meeting with Foreign Minister Yang, Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying, former Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, hosted a luncheon for the delegation.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. del Rosario earlier led the Philippine launching of the YFE at the DFA office last March 20.