Message of President Aquino to the Philippine College of Addiction Medicine on the occasion of their 8th Annual Convention, September 13, 2012

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
To the Philippine College of Addiction Medicine
On the occasion of their 8th Annual Convention

[September 13, 2012]

My warmest greetings to the Philippine College of Addiction Medicine, as you hold your 8th Annual Convention.

In our continuing task of nation-building, we Filipinos seek to address societal ills that dampen our spirits—substance abuse and addiction being among those that threaten our collective rise to success. The time and effort that you dedicate to tackle this vital issue and to advance your profession redound to our national renewal, ensuring that this specialized field of medicine remains responsive to the needs of our countrymen. Thank you for your commitment to your profession, and may you be paragons of excellence and passion among your colleagues and the medical sector as a whole.

We call on every Filipino to remain partners under our banner of accountability, transparency, and integrity, in pushing for equitable progress. Time and again, we have proven our strength as one collective; we have made change possible. As we carry on along the straight and righteous path, let us draw strength from each other, contributing our talents and skills in our respective disciplines towards the revitalization of our nation.