For the Record: Secretary Lacierda on the Performance Enhancement Incentive, December 11, 2012

This is to clarify a report on the Philippine Star regarding the Performance Enhancement Incentive (PEI) for government workers. The amount of the PEI is determined by an executive issuance signed annually. This year, the PEI remains constant at P5,000, while the additional P5,000 last year, which was for everyone regardless of performance, will instead be given to the most deserving government workers in much larger amounts, which may go as high as P35,000. This is prescribed under the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) scheme that rewards bureaucratic excellence and efficiency. Inasmuch as the evaluation would be for the previous year, the PBB will be released in the first quarter of 2013.

The Presidential Spokesperson explained such in response to a question raised in yesterday’s press briefing:


Q: Sir, may mga teachers na nag-caroling in front of the DBM office today and they are asking to bring back the P10,000 na PEI nila from P5,000.

SEC. LACIERDA: Ang nangyari po doon talagang P5,000 lang ‘yon. Ang additional P5,000 ‘non talaga, Weng, kargo ‘yon ‘nung agency. Ang ginawa last year, inako po ng national government ‘yung additional P5,000. Pero ang binibigay talaga po ng government is P5,000.

Now, at least may 13th month pay; may mga ibang bonuses pa silang matatanggap. ‘Yung performance-based bonus naman po that will come after Christmas. So ‘pag ubos na ‘yung pera ninyo ‘nung Pasko sa kakabigay ng aginaldo, at least there is something to look forward to after Christmas.
But that is a merit-based bonus. So I’m sure kung kayo naman ay maganda ang inyong trabaho, we see no reason why you will not be able to receive your performance-based bonus.

Q: So they can’t expect something doon sa pagpapagod nila na mag-abang doon sa harap (ng DBM office) ngayon?

SEC. LACIERDA: Kasi talaga ‘yung PEI natin is really P5,000. We have committed P5,000 to that. ‘Yung balanse ‘non inako lang namin. But now we’re using that additional P5,000; instead of giving it to everyone—<whether> nagtatrabaho ka o hindi—unfair naman doon sa mga masisipag magtrabaho.

Kaya nga in-institute itong performance-based bonus para <kilalanin> ang mga kawaning masipag sa trabaho para may incentive sila na lalong magpursigi sa kanilang trabaho at hindi po i-reward ang mga taong batugan sa gobyerno. This performance-based bonus is a way of recognizing the people who work hard in the government.


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