His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
To the Philippine Councilors League
On the occasion of their 2013 1st Quarterly National Executive
Officers and National Board Meeting

[February 5, 2013]

My warmest greetings to the Philippine Councilors League as you hold your 2013 1st Quarterly National Executive Officers and National Board Meeting.

More than two years ago, we made a collective vow to change our country and bring about this era of daylight, with the culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability restored in our institutions, including the offices you hold. We continue this mission through the reforms that we have made, and we trust that the PCL will continue to help sustain these programs. May this national assembly strengthen your unity and cooperation as you address our people’s needs. Remember that our work as public servants is its own reward, in keeping with the honor, passion, and excellence of our great patriots.

Our bosses—the Filipino people—have placed their confidence in us to embody true public service. Together, let us stand by principles and not patronage, and lead with honor rather than self-interest, as we fuel our people’s empowerment and our country’s continuing revitalization.

May you have a meaningful, productive meeting.



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