Message of President Aquino to the Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (KCCP) on the occasion of their 18th Annual Membership Meeting, April 15, 2013

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
To the Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (KCCP)
On the occasion of their 18th Annual Membership Meeting

[April 15, 2013]

My warmest greetings to the Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (KCCP) as you hold your 18th Annual Membership Meeting.

The Philippines considers South Korea as among our nation’s key allies in promoting stability and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region. Our peoples are bound by a relationship of mutual trust, cooperation, and support that started with the Philippines being among the first to recognize South Korea’s sovereignty in 1948, and was nurtured through extensive educational and cultural exchanges over the last few decades. The Philippine government is also glad to host a large expatriate South Korean community whose business enterprises and educational inclinations have brought them to our shores; we are likewise proud of the many Filipinos who contribute to the growth of the economy and cultural diversity of South Korea.

I am confident that the ongoing revitalization of our two economies will further strengthen and expand the vibrant ties that we share. With the help of organizations like the KCCP, we hope to see a continued stream of South Korean investments that will create more jobs and open more opportunities to our countrymen. Rest assured, our administration will continue to effect policies that will facilitate ease of business and advance our workers’ capabilities to meet the demands of South Korean industries here in the country.

May you have a fruitful meeting, and may you remain our steadfast partners in bringing about progress to our peoples and the rest of the world through robust trade and commerce.