Sec. Roxas assures full benefits to families of slain policemen

A May 28, 2013, press release from the Department of Interior and Local Government

Secretary of the Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas on Tuesday/May 28 strongly condemned a New People’s Army (NPA) attack in Cagayan province last Monday that killed eight policemen on their way to a medical examination. The attack also left seven wounded.

“Itong pag-atake ng mga NPA ay karumal-dumal at mariin ko pong kinokondena,” Roxas said. “We strongly condemn this attack because it is a kind of savagery that has no place in our society.”

Police recorded no single skirmish or violent incident between the police and rebels since six months ago, when the Special Action Force (SFA) was redeployed to the province from another assignment.

The policemen were not on patrol operations when they were ambushed.

“This makes the attack all the more shocking and senseless since it was premeditated and carried out without provocation,” Roxas said.

He called the police officers “heroes of our people.”

Roxas promised the quick turnover of all death benefits due to the families of those killed. Each family will receive P250,000 from the President’s Social Fund, from P141,000 up to P181,000 each from the PNP’s SFA, burial benefits of no less than P50,000 each and gratuity of at least P203,000.00 each from the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM).

PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo said roughly between P1.5 and P2 million will go to each family of the eight slain policemen on top of an estimated P15,000 monthly lifetime pension from the PNP and roughly the same amount for five years from the NAPOLCOM.

Roxas also promised full medical benefits of P170,00 each to the seven wounded.

As the police recovered the dead, the survivors they helped to the hospital in Allacapan town spoke of a major explosion that wrecked their truck and continues gunfire by the rebels from an elevated position of the dirt road.  The powerful blast mangled the victims’ bodies, according to a police report.

The rebel used a 25-meter-long detonation cord to set off the bomb as the police truck came into view. Two other bombs did not explode, the police said.