DFA Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs visits PHL Embassy Field Office in Um Al-Hammam District, Riyadh

From the Department of Foreign Affairs

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Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs Jesus Yabes, who is visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from June 20, 2013 to July 05, 2013, visited the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh’s field office in Um Al-Hammam district on June 25, 2013.

Undersecretary Yabes was with Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ezzedin Tago during the ocular inspection.

The field office was opened by the Embassy to extend the documentary needs of Filipinos who are correcting their status in the Kingdom.  The Embassy initially extended services at the Elite International School and the International Philippine School in Riyadh (IPSR).

During his visit to the field office, Undersecretary Jesus Yabes spoke with several women with children who were being processed at the field office by a specialized inter-agency team from Saudi authorities.

Filipinos who applied for lost passports at Elite International School, the IPSR or at the field office should claim their new passport at the Um Al-Hammam Office. They may check availability of their passport on the Embassy’s website. So far, the Embassy has encoded 2,860 passport renewals and 4,972 replacement passports.

The Embassy has already released 3,982 of these passports, and urges those who have not claimed their new passports to do so at the Um Al-Hammam Office.