Updates from AFP: Actions taken as of December 6, 2014

From the Armed Forces of the Philippines


DECEMBER 4: AFP preparation for potential landfall of Typhoon Ruby

DECEMBER 5: Actions taken as of December 5, 2014 in preparation for Typhoon Ruby

DECEMBER 7: Situation as of December 7, 2014


AFP additional preparations for Typhoon Ruby

  • NFA warehouses to be secured by soldiers and police
  • Additional water sanitation teams on standby
  • Additional troops sent to DSWD repacking center and continue repacking thousands of relief items
  • Additional 15 trucks (total 45) each stationed in major services hqs and 12 trucks in JTF-NCR


  • Soldiers conduct security patrols to protect business establishments in Leyte and Samar

8ID (Samar-Leyte area)

  • Dedicating 1,171 personnel for rescue and relief plus 638 reservists; ready to add 6,601 follow-on forces with 604 reservists

SOLCOM (Bicol)

  • Deploying troops to prevent looting and crime
  • Ready to deploy additional troops to island provinces of Romblon, Mindoro, Marinduque, Masbate, and Catanduanes
  • Dedicated 861 regular troops amd alerted reserve units

WESCOM (Palawan)

  • Pre-loaded relief items to 2 navy, 2 coast guard, and 2 BFAR ships, (total 6 ships) ready to proceed to affected areas after storm
  • Soldiers and police securing food outlets
  • Accounting tourists for safety

NOLCOM (central and north Luzon)

  • Ready to augment troops in Visayas and the island provinces of Masbate, Marinduque, and Romblon

US Embassy assistance

  • Offered nine C-130 transport aircrafts
  • Three P-3C Orion for air assessment and monitoring, medical and relief workers and other support if needed
  • Other foreign armed forces also offering help and coordinating with MNCC


Actions taken by GHQ, CRS and NOLCOM

  • Activated OPLAN “Tulong Bayanihan”
  • Activated Task Force “Kalinga” ready to be deployed to Visayas
  • Alerted OCD-AFP Coordinating Center, ready to be deployed to Visayas
  • Directed uniformed personnel to be highly visible in affected areas
  • Directed concerned units to coordinate with LGUs, line govt agencies, NGOs & POs
  • Directed Units to secure vital facilities & food centers
  • Directed all Reserve Units on standby
  • Alerted Health Service Units for deployment

CRS organized and prepared the following for utilization/deployment

  • Civil Affairs Teams
  • Public Affairs Teams (media & public info)
  • Communications & Coordination Team
  • Health Service Teams
  • Stakeholders Support Cell for coordinating & linking NGOs, CSG & POs for disaster response

NOLCOM covering central and north Luzon

  • Alerted its DRTF & regional DRTGs effective December 1 ready to deploy & assist people in Visayas


Actions taken by Headquarters Phil Air Force for the last 72 hrs

  • Activated Oplan “SAGIP”
  • Activated Mobile DRTU as disaster air transport unit
  • Alerted and ready to deploy/augment the following:
  • 61 DRTUs Luzon based
  • 18 DRTUs Visayas based
  • 9 DRTUs Mindanao based; total of 88 DRTUs
  • 24 Relief Distribution teams
  • 1,240 troops
  • 130 transport vehicles
  • 158 additional ground assets
  • 38 watercrafts
  • 30 aircrafts
  • Prepositioning all air assets away from the typhoon path and ready for immediate deployment after the storm


  • Activated LOI “Hagupit” the Navy Action Plan for Typhoon Ruby
  • Prepared and reprovisoned floating assets and took shelter to be able to deploy immediately after the storm
  • Inter-Agency coordunation for transport of relief items
  • Organized Naval Task Group to support DRRO in the most affected area
  • Organized follow-on forces
  • Activated Naval Task Group Ruby composed of Naval Task Units; each for Sea lift, Search Rescue and Retrieval, Relief, Engineering, Support and other Logistics
  • Alerted 476 sealift vessels located in different parts of the country for deployment in affected areas
  • Activated Multi-National Coordinating Center for aid coming from foreign military vessels
  • Prepositioned relief items at BNS Gym
  • Coordinated with different shipping lines to assist in relief and equipment transport