EDSA Experiential Museum recalls a nation’s journey

The EDSA People Power Commission will be opening a museum that will allow visitors to experience critical moments in history, such as the fear and oppression wrought by Martial Law, the struggle to reclaim democracy, and the four miraculous days of People Power. The exhibit will run through February 25 to 26, 2016 at Grandstand of Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City


With the creation of the Experiential Museum, the EPPC hopes to share with young Filipinos the stories of those who bravely endured and fought against the injustice and oppression of Martial Law. Actors will portray Filipinos who were martyred during Martial Law, including Dulag, Edgar Jopson, and Evelio Javier.

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Visitors will be guided through ten halls, which bring together elements of theater, cinema, photography, and other allied arts to recreate the experiences that awakened Filipinos, and sparked the EDSA People Power Revolution. Each hall will represent not only periods in history, but also themes that underscore the enduring narrative of Martial Law and the 1986 EDSA Revolution:

  1. The Hall of Restless Sleep
  1. The Hall of Hidden Truths
  1. The Hall of Orphans
  1. The Hall of the Lost
  1. Hall of Pain
  1. The Hall of Forgotten Martyrs
  1. The Hall of Awakening
  1. The Hall of Action











—From the EDSA People Power Commission