Memorandum Order No. 1, s. 2016

Office of the President
of the Philippines




In the exigency of the service and to prevent any disruption in the delivery of government   services, all employees and officials in the Office of the President holding coterminous appointments shall remain in service and continue to perform their duties and functions until 31 July 2016, unless their appointments are sooner revoked, resignations accepted, replacements appointed, or reappointments issued.

The above temporary extension of service shall not apply to the employees and officials of the following:

  1. Private Office,  except  the  employees   of the  Internal  House Affairs  Office and the Protocol  Office,  who shall also remain  in service  on holdover  basis until 31 July 2016;
  2. Immediate  staff of the Office of the Executive Secretary;
  3. Office of the Cabinet Secretary; and
  4. Offices of the various Presidential Advisers and Presidential Assistants.


This Memorandum Order shall take effect immediately

Done in the City of Manila, this 30th day of June 2016.


                                                                           By authority of the President:



Executive Secretary