Message of President Aquino to the Municipality of Giporlos, Eastern Samar

Philippine fiestas celebrate togetherness amidst diversity, a reaffirmation that ours is a force woven through differing backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Our solidarity has shored our resolve to make manifest a sea-change of reform, rising against waves of indifference and doubt, and buoying our dreams of equitable progress.

Message of President Aquino to The Filipino American Retirees of Southern California

In beholding the toils of our professionals and veterans, we gain insight into the commitment needed to perform our civic duty and the costs of this responsibility. We also gain the resolve to sustain their battles: To do right by our people and build a future more robust and harmonious. May our hopes always prevail over our doubts, and impassion us to further the triumphs of our forebears.