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Rehabilitation for Yolanda survivors continues

Families are currently being transferred from transitional shelters to permanent housing sites. It is expected that by December 2016, 92,544 permanent housing units will be completed.


Executive Order No. 191, s. 2015

Signed on November 15, 2015: Modifying the rates of duty on certain agricultural products under Executive Order No. 851 (s. 2009) in order to implement the Philippines’ Asean-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area (AANZFTA) tariff commitments relating to the World Trade Organization (WTO) decision on waiver relating to special treatment for rice of the philippines

Message of President Aquino to the participants and organizers of the Korea Trade Fair, November 5, 2015

This gathering comes at an opportune time as the Philippines positions itself as a dynamic gateway country to Asia, especially in the midst of realization of the ASEAN economic integration. By introducing potential markets and encouraging distributors and retailers to foray into new ventures, you not only help our countrymen build more stable, prosperous lives, but likewise cultivate a decades-old partnership that has given both our people opportunities for positive cultural and economic exchanges.


Inflation rate stays at 0.4% in October

Inflation clocked in at 0.4 percent in October 2015, due to stable consumer prices in food and the continuous downward price movements in power and fuel.

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Executive Order No. 190, s. 2015

Signed on November 5, 2015: Modifying The Most-Favoured-Nation (MFN) Rates Of Duty On Certain Agricultural Products Under The Tariff And Customs Code Of The Philippines (TCCP), As Amended, In Order To Implement The Philippine Tariff Commitments Under The World Trade Organization Decision On Waiver Relating To Special Treatment For Rice Of The Philippines