Message of President Aquino to the Municipality of Alcala, Pangasinan on the occasion of their Annual Town Fiesta, May 1, 2015

I urge you to use your resources to help answer the plight of our marginalized and under served sectors. This occasion is a chance for you to make a lasting difference in their lives and support their education, resiliency, and guide them on the path to self-reliance. Let us build upon the foundations of inclusiveness that our administration has established, so that we may give our feasts and celebrations greater meaning.

Message of President Aquino to the Muslim Filipino Community on the observance of The Nocturnal Journey and Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, May 1, 2015

The Night Journey is an integral pillar of Islam, as it recounts The Prophet Muhammad’s ascension and his return from Heaven to give the faithful instructions on the details of prayer. His testament to Allah’s greatness is a reminder of humanity’s journey as both physical and spiritual beings. This event is a symbol of your heritage as children of God. May it inspire compassion and camaraderie among you, not only as Muslims but also as vital members of the Filipino nation.

Message of President Aquino to the Municipality of Badoc, Ilocos Norte on the occasion of their Annual Town Fiesta, May 1, 2015

The fiesta is a time to commemorate your community’s foundation, history, and tradition. It is also an opportunity for you to unite as one people and pave the way towards an equitable and dynamic future for your hometown. I hope that your patriotic spirit and pride of place encourage you to contribute more significantly to our many nation-building initiatives. May this occasion embolden you to use your gifts to strengthen the foundations of our society and further foster a culture of integrity and accountability in our institutions.

Message of President Aquino to the Citizens of the Municipality of Nabua, Camarines Sur on the occasion of their Town Fiesta, May 1, 2015

As you showcase your unique customs and traditions, let your distinct narrative enrich our country’s own multifaceted culture and empower the citizens of Nabua to contribute more meaningfully to nation-building. May your fiesta inspire your hometown to galvanize your initiatives towards realizing inclusive growth, so that all may tread our path to prosperity.

Message of President Aquino to the Girl Scouts of the Philippines on the occasion of their 75th Founding Anniversary, May 1, 2015

Your organization has become an integral partner in honing young women into self-reliant, upstanding individuals who value and uphold their civic duty. The girl scouts foster integrity and accountability, and use their skills to inspire others towards a life of service and compassion. Through your leadership and initiative, you empower Filipinas to become active and significant contributors to their respective communities. May you remain steadfast to the ideals upon which your organization was founded, and cast your stake in our agenda of integrity, justice, and inclusiveness.

Message of President Aquino to the Graduating Class of 2015 of Universidad de Sta. Isabel, May 1, 2015

Your generation faces an ever-expanding horizon of opportunities. Maximize it by traveling the straight path with optimism and determination. Hold fast to your dreams and motivations. Imagine a brighter, more empowered tomorrow for yourself and your peers, and work hard to transform this vision into a reality. Persevere through hardships, and always have the courage to rise from every fall. Believe in the huge potential you possess as nation-builders, for you carry the hopes of our people. May you be galvanized by the faith our countrymen place in your capacity to bring about the change we long seek in society.


President Aquino’s Labor Day message

Hinihingi ng pagkakataong magtulungan tayo upang mapagtagumpayan ang mga nalalabing hadlang sa katuparan ng ating mga pangarap. Isulong pa natin ang kapayapaan sa industriya at pagdadamayang siyang bukal ng masigla at nagkakaisang Pilipinas na tinitingala ngayon sa mundo.