Message of President Aquino to the Cebu Market Vendors Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CEMVEDCO) on the occasion of their 13th Annual General Meeting, April 1, 2015

The Philippines has now regained the trust and confidence of the global business community, with its consecutive credit ratings upgrades and with its stakeholders committed to sustain the revived culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability in our institutions. The primary imperative now is to cascade the benefits of our flourishing economy to our citizens, and we rely on the cooperative sector’s greater involvement in this mission. May the CEMVEDCO continue to enhance savings and credit assistance programs and create more livelihood projects that will help elevate the quality of life of its members and, at the same time, enliven the local markets of Cebu City and its neighboring towns.

Message of President Aquino to the Graduating Class of 2015 of Saint Charles Augustine School of Biñan, Laguna, April 1, 2015

Your Recognition and Graduation Day marks a new chapter in your journey as students. You will be faced with more challenging roles and granted greater prospects for learning and development as you embark on your chosen endeavors. This transition is also a source of pride for your parents and teachers, whose passion, hard work, and dedication ensured the accomplishment of your education.

Message of President Aquino for the Holy Week 2015

President Aquino: ” The underlying message of love, selflessness, and sacrifice guides and inspires us all as we strive to create a nation that listens to the voice of the less fortunate, attends to the needs not of the few but the many, and caters to the interests of both present and future generations.”