Speech of President Aquino during the 35th commencement exercises of PNP Mandilaab Class

Ang hamon at atas ko naman sa lahat ng bumubuo ng Class Mandilaab—ang mga Mandirigmang May Dangal at Isipan Laan Para sa Bayan—saan man kayong lugar madestino, anumang luho o tukso ang sumubok sa tibay ng inyong prinsipyo; lagi kayong pumanig sa tama, at sa kung ano ang mas makabubuti sa inyong kapwa. Nawa’y isabuhay at panindigan ninyo ang panata ng bawat kadeteng Mandilaab: ang saysay ng buhay ninyong mga mandirigma, ay nasa pag-aalay nito sa kapwa.

Message of President Aquino to the Samal Island Multi-Purpose Cooperative on the occasion of their 43rd Annual General Assembly, March 30, 2014

The Island Garden City of Samal continues to attract both local and foreign tourists because of its picturesque environment and hospitable people. As residents of this resource-rich locality, you bear the responsibility of protecting and developing these assets. This is where the SIMC plays a significant role, by contributing to the advancement of Samal Island through citizen empowerment and economic stability.

Message of President Aquino to the Sta. Ana Multipurpose Cooperative on the occasion of their 47th Annual General Assembly, March 30, 2014

I thank all of your members and business partners for your contributions to encourage the growth of our economy and secure the welfare of the Filipino people. My administration assures you that we will continue to support and work with your organization, especially in pursuits that will lead to our nation’s progress. It is my hope that you remain among our reliable partners as we push forward on the straight and righteous path in fulfillment of our shared aspirations.

Message of President Aquino to Barangka Credit Cooperative on the occasion of their 28th Annual General Assembly, March 30, 2014

Cooperatives have been vital contributors to the growth of communities throughout the country. Your institution’s many historic challenges, surmounted through the tireless determination of your members, have paved the way for your recognition as one of Landbank’s most outstanding credit cooperatives in the Philippines. Your narrative exemplifies the growth that is possible through solidarity and commitment to service. May this event empower your members to pursue their aspirations and contribute further to the positive and equitable development of our society.