Statement: Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education on the PCARI Project

The PCARI Project will specifically support joint research for capacity building between Philippine HEIs and leading universities in California, USA, initially, with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of California Berkeley (UCB) to tap into their world-recognized expertise in translational medicine and in information infrastructure development, respectively.

Congress applauds increase in SUCs budget, CHED belies Palatino’s allegations

An August 17, 2012, press release from the Commission on Higher Education: Members of Congress deliberated on the 2013 budgets of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs). Present were CHED Officials headed by Chairperson Patricia B. Licuanan, Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) president Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras, University of the Philippines president Prof. Alfredo E. Pascual, Mindanao State University president Dr. Macapado A. Muslim, all 17 regional PASUC officers and presidents of other SUCs.

Speech of the Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education during the launch of the K to 12 Basic Education Program (as read by Commissioner Defensor), April 24, 2012

There is a corresponding cost to our professionals working abroad. They do not get the recognition and remuneration they deserve because highly technical courses, such as engineering, require two more years of preparation. Thus, K to 12 is the appropriate response to a decades-old problem.

Joint statement of MTC-DOLE and CHED on the closure of non-compliant maritime education programs of the PMI, March 7, 2012

The MTC-DOLE and the CHED served notice that they will continue to combine their efforts in maintaining the standards of the STCW Convention to ensure the competence, efficiency, and integrity of the country’s labor force; to protect the Philippines’ preeminence in the world market for seafarers; and, ultimately, to prevent the Philippine economy from suffering a major setback as a result of non-recognition of Filipino certificates by the EU.