Statement: CHED on Filipino and Revised General Education Curriculum 

At its most basic, CHED believes in the fundamental role played by language in education, as manifested in the reforms it has staunchly supported through K to 12, but also of the role of education in the development of language—i.e., the “intellectualization” of a language, in this case Filipino, through its use in academic discourse.

CHED Statement: P4.1 billion not pork

CHED maintains that the legislated P4.1B Fund DOES NOT QUALIFY as congressional pork barrel or PDAF, contrary to Rep. Tinio’s constant assertions in media that tend to disparage the credibility of CHED as the statutory administrator of the said Fund. Regardless of the persistent but erroneous labeling of the P4.1 B as PDAF, CHED remains committed to its agency’s mandate as stated in Republic Act 7722, i.e. to “ensure that education shall be accessible to all” and “to develop criteria for allocating additional resources such as research and program development grants, scholarships and other similar programs.”

CHED clarifies policy on P4.1-B supplemental grants

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairperson Patricia B. Licuanan in a statement issued following the accusation of ACT partylist Rep. Antonio Tinio of alleged connivance of Administration officials with lawmakers regarding the former PDAF funds, categorically denied this claim and said there are no PDAF funds being handled by CHED.

CHED statement on the P4.28B from DAP for SUC’s upgrading and modernization

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) reports that the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) of the Aquino administration allotted P4.28 Billion for the enhancement and modernization of our State Universities and Colleges (SUCs). It provided the much needed boost to the SUCs’ 2011 and 2012 budgets that had minimal provision for capital outlay since 2000.

Statement: Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education on the PCARI Project

The PCARI Project will specifically support joint research for capacity building between Philippine HEIs and leading universities in California, USA, initially, with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the University of California Berkeley (UCB) to tap into their world-recognized expertise in translational medicine and in information infrastructure development, respectively.