For the Record: On ABS-CBN’s article “Valte on Lacierda’s No-El slip: He’s not fluent in Filipino”

The ABS-CBN article translated “hindi kasing-tatas” to “not fluent,” when what the Undersecretary clearly said and meant was that Secretary Lacierda is “not as fluent” in Filipino as compared to English. Said article also did not cite the fact that the Secretary, as Undersecretary Valte had mentioned, though conversant in Filipino, was brought up in a household where Visayan, Chinese, and English were used more often than Filipino.

For the Record: Presidential Spokesperson clarifies a response he gave during his August 22 briefing

The President has neither decided on term extension nor on endorsing a candidate, owing to the fact that his efforts are focused on more pressing matters of state. It should be noted that the 2016 elections will push through, and that the administration will always follow the processes set by the Constitution.

For the Record: DZMM interview with Secretary Florencio B. Abad on the Napoles affidavits

The following is the full transcript of a DZMM radio interview with Secretary Florencio B. Abad conducted by host Ted Failon on May 28, 2014. Secretary Abad answers questions regarding his alleged involvement in the PDAF scam as indicated in the Napoles affidavits. Secretary Abad reiterates that he has never dealt with Janet Lim Napoles nor transacted with the agent, Mr. Manuel Jarmin.