Speech of Secretary Balisacan at the Philippine Infrastructure Development Seminar

Furthermore, the NEDA Board, under the Aquino Administration, has approved a total of 97 projects amounting to PhP1.39 trillion (USD31.42 billion), 81 of which are critical infrastructure programs and projects, with a total cost of PhP1.24 trillion (USD28.05 billion), to support the growth requirements of the country’s economic sectors. Of the total number of approved projects, 24 are funded through PPPs, 54 projects are financed through Official Development Assistance, and 19 projects are for local financing.

NEDA Board approves six transport infra projects

Secretary Balisacan: Most of these projects aim to have a more reliable and efficient transport infrastructure system. These are consistent with the government’s thrust to increase investment in connective infrastructure.

Remarks of Secretary Balisacan at 2015 FOCAP prospects for the Philippines forum

In sum, we need to commit ourselves to further our governance and economic reforms. Our tasks are far from complete, as we need to address the remaining critical constraints to fully realize our goal of inclusive growth. But seeing what the economy has become now, there’s no denying that the groundwork has already been laid out. Amid distractions and political noise, we hope more and more will join us in protecting our gains, avoiding reversals and sustaining reform efforts beyond the current administration.

Remarks of the NEDA Deputy Director-General at the Joint Economic Committee, Group on Services, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council meeting

There is need for greater willingness to increase governments’ capacities to adjust so that people’s access to better opportunities in an integrated regional economy may be facilitated.