Statement from the Socioeconomic Planning Secretary: Midterm update of the PDP 2011-2016

Secretary Balisacan: “These targets, as well as other intermediate targets will be diligently monitored by the Cabinet through the different NEDA committees and Cabinet clusters. This ascribes urgency to the matter and at the same time, is an acknowledgement that the goal of inclusive growth requires no less than an all of government approach, actively engaging with private sector and civil society.”

Opening remarks of Secretary Balisacan at the MAF Consultation Workshop

Let us all remember that we are all at the frontlines of the battle for improving maternal health. The task ahead may be challenging, but with a swift and purposive action from every stakeholder, I am confident that we can achieve MDG 5. As Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated, “with the right investments, we can make a huge difference in the lives of every woman and every child.”