[English] Speech of President Aquino at the celebration of the Mabini sesquicentennial

President Aquino: “It is my obligation to help my Bosses achieve clarity of thought, and impart to them the necessary information, so that all can see what is right and what is just. This is how we choose to follow the example set by Apolinario Mabini—he who said, “We are bound by one fate, by the same joys and sorrows, and by common aspirations and interests.””

Speech of President Aquino at the celebration of the Mabini sesquicentennial

Obligasyon ko pong tulungan ang ating mga Boss na magkaroon ng liwanag ng kaisipan, at magkaloob ng wastong impormasyon, upang makita ng lahat kung ano ang tama at makatwiran. Ganito po natin pinipiling sundan ang halimbawang iniwan ni Apolinario Mabini, na siya ngang nagsabing, “Iisa ang ating kapalaran, iisa din ang ating tuwa at kalungkutan, at magkakaayon ang lahat ng ating mithiin at interes.

Message of President Aquino to The Philippine Centre on the occasion of their 30th Barrio Fiesta in London, July 19, 2014

May this event weave meaningful new threads of cooperation and understanding in the rich tapestry of the Global Filipino. May it be a cornerstone of progress for your organization, bringing greater prosperity to our countrymen, and allowing them to be embodiments of joy and compassion to their fellowmen.

Speech of President Aquino at the Armed Forces of the Philippines change of command, July 18, 2014

Pangulong Aquino: “Kay Lt. General Catapang: Ngayon ngang nagbago na ang mukha ng Sandatahang Lakas, nawa’y sagarin mo ang bawat pagkakataon sa iyong liderato upang lalo pang tumibay at lumakas ang ating institusyon, sa ngalan ng makabuluhang paglilingkod sa ating kapwa at bandila.”

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists on the occasion of the 8th North Luzon Regional Conference, July 17, 2014

Our medical laboratories hold the key to advancing the overall health and quality of life of our people; they are at the forefront in fighting against disease, in understanding the human body, and in developing better food and medicine. We rely on medical technologists in this task as your knowledge, skills, and training are crucial to the success of these facilities. It is my hope that this conference will further ingrain the ideals of quality and excellence in your profession, so that you may remain vital contributors to our nation’s ongoing revitalization.

Toast of President Aquino at the luncheon in honor of Dr. Jim Yong Kim

All these, without doubt, complement my administration’s strategy: to do right by our people, accelerate meaningful economic growth, and instill a culture of integrity, excellence, and inclusiveness. Indeed, the partnership we share serves as a firm foundation as my country works to build back better, and as we open more doors of opportunity for the Filipino people. And I look forward to deepening this partnership with you, Dr. Kim and the entire World Bank Group.

Speech of President Aquino at the Daylight Dialogue

Ensuring that essential services reach our countrymen is not just part of the mandate of the Executive Branch; it is part of the mandate of every branch of government. I find it difficult to accept their decision, when I know that we are right, and more importantly, that doing nothing means depriving so many Filipinos of opportunities to grow and prosper. I find it difficult to accept the decision of the Supreme Court, when it goes against the benefit our countrymen.

[English] National Address of President Aquino on the Supreme Court’s decision on DAP

President Aquino: “There are also those who say that DAP and PDAF are the same thing. Excuse me. DAP is different from PDAF. With PDAF, the corrupt funneled government funds into fake NGOs, money then allegedly divided among themselves. It’s clear that with DAP the people’s money was never stolen—the funds were used for the benefit of Filipinos. And not for later, not soon; but—now: Programs that could be implemented immediately were implemented immediately.”