Message of President Aquino to the Dao Multi-Purpose Cooperative on the occasion of their 50th Jubilee, December 5, 2014

We in government count you among our allies in creating opportunities for the Filipino people. May our partnership and initiative create actionable programs to elevate the quality of life for our citizenry, and transform the Philippines into a robust and inclusive society.

President Aquino’s 2014 Bonifacio Day message

Andres Bonifacio’s patriotism ignited the passion within our countrymen to fight for liberty and demand dignity, freedom, and sovereignty for the land of our ancestors. Now, 151 years after his birth, our history and identity tested by the many challenges we have overcome, we unite as one nation to remember his sacrifice and desire to see us take charge of our destiny.

Message of President Aquino to the St. Columban Alumni Association of Labrador on the occasion of their 60th Foundation Jubilee of St. Columban School, November 29, 2014

Even as your paths gradually diverged—many took up traditional professions or became entrepreneurs, some went abroad, and others participated in movements for social transformation—may you inspire younger generations of Columbans to remain vital members of our society and strengthen their resolve to follow their aspirations with confidence and vitality.

Message of President Aquino to the International College of Surgeons-Philippine Section on the occasion of their Annual Convention, November 28, 2014

Medicine has pushed the boundaries of humanity’s capability to understand the body and nurture our well-being. As physicians, you are at the forefront of adding to this collection of knowledge that helps prolong and improve lives, and this event is a vital opportunity to find greater solutions to the contemporary challenges of your milieu. May your endeavors lead to new insights in your field of expertise and help bring the Filipino people closer to lasting stability and progress.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases on the occasion of their 36th Annual Convention, November 26, 2014

As your government strives to elevate the standards of industry and public service in this era of renewal, we count on your participation in the advancement of your expertise. May this event empower you to discover new perspectives in modern medicine and biology, and enhance our initiatives to establish lasting progress in the country.

Message of President Aquino to the Animation Council of the Philippines on the occasion of the 8th Animahenasyon, November 25, 2014

The bedrock of progress is a people committed and unwavering on their course. With our vision set on an equitable and inclusive Philippines, let us forge ahead along the straight and righteous path, assume our roles in this movement for reform, and hasten our fellow Filipinos’ march to the just and dynamic tomorrow they deserve.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists Inc. on the occasion of their 46th Annual Convention, November 20, 2014

Mindful of the roles we play in society, let us lend our strengths in forging a more empowered, revitalized Philippines. Together, let us steer our country further along the straight and righteous path and closer to the equitably progressive future we rightfully deserve.

Message of President Aquino to the Pediatric Nephrology Society of the Philippines Inc. on the occasion of their 20th Foundation Day, November 16, 2014

Success in any discipline can only be realized through commitment, passion, hard work, and a desire for self-actualization. Let us constantly strive for competence as we reach for our goals, for this will redound to the advantage of our countrymen, motivating them even more to cast their stake in nation-building.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Medical Women’s Association Inc. on the occasion of their 65th Annual Convention, November 15, 2014

We are bound together by our oath to serve the Filipino people, to put their interests above all else and work to secure their welfare. Knowing that we in government have dedicated, passionate medical professionals such as yourselves who commit their time, effort, skills, and expertise through health care and outreach programs, is truly heartening. May your warm, caring hands continue to bring relief to our countrymen and help ease their pain.

Message of President Aquino at the APEC CEO Summit 2014

These past few years, the Philippines has become one of the prominent success stories in the global economic scene. Perhaps some of you have read the story of how, in 2010, the Filipino people voted for the idea that ultimately turned our country around, the idea that drove my campaign for the Presidency: Where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty.