Message of President Aquino to the Quezon City Medical Society

I trust that your organization will maintain a steady resolve in advancing your field and profession. Rest assured that your government remains with you on every step of your journey; may a relentless and ever mindful approach characterize your ongoing pursuit for greater knowledge, especially as it cascades to the benefit of science, our nation, and humanity.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Pharmacists Association

Medicine, science, and technology converge in pharmacy to demonstrate their most practical and life-changing applications. The continued study and mastery of this discipline are necessary in order for a society to thrive and flourish. Your government thanks you for your initiative, dedication, and hard work and looks forward to the success of this activity.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Dental Association

This occasion is an opportunity for you to tap into the new resources technology and innovation have provided, and allow Filipinos to have access to affordable, quality healthcare. The PDA plays a vital role in upholding excellence in Philippine dentistry, and your efforts promote a culture of scientific inquiry in service to our countrymen. May your dedication fuel our journey to realize lasting, equitable progress.

Message of President Aquino to the National Federation of Women’s Clubs of the Philippines (NFWCP)

As we approach a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, we reveal the tenacity of our efforts in pushing for gender equality: Never shall we let those who derail our advancement on the straight path, those who disrespect for women and other marginalized sectors, and those who insist on reverting to the barbarous ways of leading hold the reins of our collective development. Together, let us bequeath a more harmonious, intelligent world to coming generations.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Medical Association on the occasion of their 109th Annual Convention and Scientific Meetings

Your organization traces its history back to our earliest days as a nation fighting for self-determination. As our forebears asserted themselves as a united and free people, your pioneers worked to identify the standards for medical practice in our country and laid the groundwork for a robust and empowered populace. Since then, your membership has deeply involved itself in our society’s evolution and fortified our collective capacity for growth.

Message of President Aquino to the Graduating Class of 2016 of the Adventist University of the Philippines

The Philippines of today is a far cry from the corrupt, poverty-mired country of the past: Today, we proudly exalt a resurgent, soaring Republic on the updrafts of reform. Let your passion and grit further fuel our journey along the Daang Matuwid as, together, we fulfill our greatest aspirations of inclusiveness, fairness, and prosperity.

Message of President Aquino to the Municipality of Agno, Pangasinan

Today, we celebrate the joys of an Agno summer: A cool breeze that carries with it the scent of the harvest, long stretches of sand, and serene waters. As you welcome more tourists to your shores, may you offer them the truly fun, memorable experience we are known for. Let this fiesta highlight the solidarity, harmony, and pride of place that color your town in this time of widespread revitalization.

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