Message of President Aquino to the Filipino-Chinese Medical Society on the occasion of their 13th Biennial Convention, October 8, 2014

Our vision of an inclusive and prosperous society is within reach, and we count on your solidarity to fuel our journey towards this destination. May your excellence and integrity help elevate the standards of Philippine medicine and help us realize lasting, equitable progress.

Message of President Aquino to the citizens of the Municipality of Glan, Sarangani Province on the occasion of their 100th Foundation Anniversary, October 8, 2014

Glan has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources and destinations that bolster your tourism, industry, and trade. Apart from that, this milestone in your community’s history reflects the resilience and determination of the people who have enabled you to become a hub of agriculture and entrepreneurship in the region. May you be responsible and devoted stewards of these gifts, and use them to foster peace and prosperity throughout Socsksargen, to usher in even greater advancements for the entire country.

Message of President Aquino to the Association of Government Internal Auditors Inc. on the occasion of their Annual National Convention cum Seminar, October 8, 2014

The Philippines is now in the midst of an unprecedented resurgence, harnessing its potential as an economic tiger and securing a leading role in the international arena. This reflects the growing confidence and optimism of the private sector and our citizenry, which are primarily due to our collective resolve to uproot corruption in government, and pursue measures geared towards transparency and accountability in the bureaucracy.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Australian Sports and Culture Inc. on the occasion of their 26th Annual Grand Philippine-Sydney Fiesta Kultura, October 7, 2014

May this fiesta likewise renew your commitment to the straight and righteous path and further empower you as staunch ambassadors of Filipino pride. As one nation, let us deploy our passions to building an even more equitably progressive Philippines for all our countrymen.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers Inc. On the occasion of their 3rd International Technical Conference 2014, October 5, 2014

The global arena has become the Filipinos’ stage as we continually demonstrate our trademark professionalism, excellence, and resourcefulness, and uphold our dynamic presence amidst today’s increasingly competitive milieu. We in government recognize the potential of this gathering as a wellspring of innovative ideas and perspectives that will provide insight as we refine our roadmap for sustainable development. May you approach the challenges of your discipline with passion and determination, as you help build a more equitably progressive Philippines.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine College of Occupational Medicine, Inc. (PCOM) on the occasion of their 16th Midyear Convention, October 2, 2014

We are glad to have the PCOM working with the Department of Labor and Employment, the Bureau of Working Conditions, and the Occupational Safety and Health Center in implementing health and safety standards, in ensuring that our workers are taken care of, and in building safer, more comfortable working environments for our people. May this midyear convention be an opportunity to further expand your knowledge and skills in occupational medicine, so that you may use it to help create a better, healthier nation.

Message of President Aquino to the Perinatal Association of the Philippines on the occasion of their 24th Anniversary, September 28, 2014

Let me also congratulate you for your 24 years in advancing the good of our countrymen; your success as one collective is among our many accomplishments in our journey on the straight and righteous path. Let us stay this course and define our pursuits with integrity, transparency, and accountability, as the guide posts that will help transform our national aspirations into tangible realities.

Message of President Aquino to the Sigma Rho Fraternity Alumni Association, Iloilo Chapter on the occasion of their 46th Anniversary, September 27, 2014

May this occasion endow you with the wisdom to guide your younger members on their journey; may it impress upon you the duty borne of your alliance: to always uphold “what is right.” Let this ideal center your endeavors on empowering the youth and in honing them into responsible, upright individuals. Let excellence, dialogue, and solidarity be the cornerstones of your community. I rely on your collective to condemn all forms of violence and intimidation and affirm that such acts hold no place in the strengthening of brotherhood.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology, October 29, 2014

Today, you reap the fruits of your labors. I congratulate you all; you have earned the privilege of being called a fellow. May this achievement heighten your aspirations for your specialization, for scholarship and medical advancements, and for the wellbeing of your patients. I urge you to apply your mastery of science in administering care and compassion to a greater number of Filipinos.