Message of President Aquino to the Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines

The Philippines is currently experiencing an unprecedented resurgence because of the skill and industry of our workers who are now fueling our vibrant, dynamic economy. It behooves us, therefore, to look after their welfare so they may remain productive and continue contributing to our collective advancement.

Message of President Aquino to the Pediatric Nephrology Society of the Philippines Inc. on the occasion of their 20th Annual Convention, November 22, 2015

Your organization is at the forefront of our goal to provide the Filipino people with quality healthcare, and this event is a vital opportunity to take greater strides in that regard. Kidney diseases impact the lives of millions, and your expertise will lead to more efficient and dynamic solutions to the most critical issues affecting our countrymen. This occasion brings together some of the best minds of your field. May your insights foster the growth and development of Philippine medicine and empower our physicians to save more lives.

Message of President Aquino to the International College of Surgeons-Philippine Section on the occasion of their 66th Annual Convention, November 21, 2015

The Philippine government is delighted to welcome the participants of this congress, which aims to advance the practice of surgery around the world. It is imperative that sectors like yours continue to work together to keep disease and ailments at bay, and to eliminate their threat to our collective progress. I am certain that Filipino surgeons will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you in this congress. It is my hope that they too will learn from your wisdom and expertise, particularly in the use of more advanced techniques and technologies in surgery. May you also find the time to visit the many attractions we have and see, firsthand, our nation’s ongoing resurgence.

Message of President Aquino on the occasion of the 63rd FAMAS (Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences, Inc.) Awards

The FAMAS Awards is one of the most highly-distinguished, awaited events in the Philippine entertainment industry. More than just presenting the best from our local film producers, directors, artists, and creative teams, it is also a platform to feature our society’s narrative through our people’s stories of struggles and triumphs.

Message of President Aquino to the San Alberto Magno Academy on the occasion of their Centennial

Create an environment conducive to the well-rounded development of the Filipino youth; cater to their needs amidst today’s rapidly shifting, increasingly competitive milieu; immerse your studentry deeper in the forces that govern society, that they too may stand as pillars of the empowered, inclusive Republic we have long aspired to.

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