Message of President Aquino to the 2nd Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame, April 24, 2014

Sports, in particular, demonstrates the prowess, discipline, and inherent athletic talent of our countrymen. May this occasion energize the field, and inspire our athletes to remain steadfast in pursuit of excellence and faithful to their roles as bearers of our nation’s pride. Likewise, may the recognition bestowed upon our arnisadors galvanize them to elevate their craft, and share with our fellowmen the art and heritage it celebrates.

Message of President Aquino to the Metalworking Industries Association of the Philippines on the occasion of the 27th MIAP National Convention, April 23, 2014

Your government remains steadfast in its mission to foster integrity and accountability in our society, in order to restore global confidence in our industries, attract investments, and secure lasting, equitable progress for our countrymen. May this gathering inspire you to contribute to this shared aspiration for a greater Philippines.

Message of President Aquino to the Court Stenographers Association of the Philippines, Inc. on the occasion of their 7th National Convention and Election of National Officers, April 23, 2014

We in government count on your continued support in transforming our institutions into public bodies worthy of the confidence of our citizenry. May you help uphold the integrity of our judicial system and protect the rights of our people and our democracy. Under the banner of transparency, integrity, and accountability, let us build a more just, inclusive society for our countrymen.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Society of Nephrology on the occasion of their 34th Annual Convention, April 23, 2014

Let this gathering pave paths to innovation, to address the evolving needs of our citizenry and put us at par with international standards, that you may complement our efforts with passion, determination, and dynamism. I exhort you to always challenge yourselves to deliver better and perform your duties to your utmost, keeping in mind that your advancement redounds to improved medical service for our people and ultimately, a more productive, engaged populace.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Society of Pathologists on the occasion of their 63rd Annual Convention, April 23, 2014

Your participation in this activity is proof not only of your motivation to succeed but also of your solidarity with our vision of a healthy, prosperous society. Let integrity, compassion, and service define your endeavors, that you may sustain your distinction as among the best medical professionals in the region and give our countrymen the future of inclusive growth that they deserve.

Message of President Aquino to the people of San Carlos, Pangasinan on the occasion of the Mango-Bamboo Festival, April 23, 2014

The journey of your community continues with this occasion: In all its joy and pride, your celebration affirms your roles as stewards of San Carlos and as protectors of the legacy bequeathed unto you. Let this day inspire you to remain steadfast in these duties and, more importantly, to take united steps towards progress. Behold this opportunity to write new chapters of empowerment which will reap a brighter tomorrow for succeeding generations of Pangasinenses, and add to the richness of our people’s heritage.

Message of President Aquino to the Local Government Mechanical Engineers’ Association of the Philippines on the occasion of their 28th Annual Technical Consultative Workshop Conference, April 22, 2014

May our engineers maximize this occasion to build consensus, galvanize their collective imagination, and address issues pertinent to your profession. Let the passion for growth and innovation fill your assembly, that you may establish higher benchmarks for development in our localities and ultimately fuel the advancement of our nation.

Message of President Aquino to the Prosecutors’ League of the Philippines, Department of Justice on the occasion of their Annual Convention and Election, April 22, 2014

Let us unite in reinforcing the foundations we have laid for a just and equitable society, that our future leaders can create more opportunities for development; in so doing, we extend the momentum of our revitalization to future generations. May this occasion fuel your passion to remain in solidarity with government as we continue to stamp out the social evils that have hampered our growth for so long, and work to create a prosperous Philippines.

Message of President Aquino to the Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines on the occasion of their 18th National Social Welfare and Development Forum and General Assembly, April 22, 2014

Social welfare is among the cornerstones of our Social Contract with the Filipino people, and an important aspect in our quest to create an equitably progressive nation. The government is vigorously pursuing programs that seek to achieve these goals, like the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and the Kalahi-CIDSS, to ensure that the gains of our country’s revitalization cascade to those living at the margins of our society. Our local social welfare and development officers are the key to the success of these initiatives, not only for their training and skills, but also for their proximity and familiarity with the target communities.

Message of President Aquino to the Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers on the occasion of their 64th Annual Convention, April 21, 2014

We are blessed with fertile lands that, if harnessed properly, will be the key to reducing hunger, alleviating poverty, and sustaining the gains of our economy. The challenge for us now is to come together and use our collective strength to bring about abundance and prosperity in our country. So long as we remain united on the straight path, we will realize our goals of securing for ourselves the equitably progressive future that we rightfully deserve.