Statement of President Aquino upon his arrival from his visits to Europe and the United States

Ang pinakamatamis na bahagi ng ating biyahe ay ang makita ang mga ngiti ng kapwa natin Pilipino sa ibang bansa kapag naririnig nila ang magagandang balitang nangyayari sa Pilipinas. Inilatag po natin sa kanila ang transpormasyong tinatamasa na ng ating bansa: mula sa pagbasag sa baluktot na kalakaran hanggang sa pagbubukas ng pagkakataon sa ating mamamayan; mula sa pag-arangkada ng ekonomiya hanggang sa parating pang magagandang oportunidad; at maging sa pagtataguyod ng pangmatagalang kapayapaan.

Video: President Aquino at the United Nations Climate Change Summit Plenary 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III attends the United Nations Climate Change Summit Plenary 2014, in New York. The summit is a public platform for leaders to catalyze action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen climate resilience, and mobilize political will for a universal climate agreement by 2015.

Speech of President Aquino at the Columbia World Leaders Forum

My entire life, I have witnessed my people do incredible things: they resisted the dictatorship, drove a peaceful revolution that captured the imagination of the world, stood firmly and often against tyranny and corruption whenever they reared their ugly heads, and worked tirelessly to put our country back on the map. For so long, we have endured the tyranny of self-serving administrations and the indifference of the world, but now, finally, my country, once an often-overlooked archipelago in the Pacific, is poised to remain in the spotlight, as proof of what a mobilized citizenry and a government of integrity are capable of.

Speech of President Aquino at the UN Climate Change Summit 2014

Climate change does not recognize national boundaries, or political or economic affiliations. The choice before us, then, is clear: Together we must face these challenges and surmount them, or together we will suffer the consequences of inaction. Let the first concrete commitment we make be a change in mindset: From one of arguing over dividing the work, to one where we all do the maximum that we can, always asking, What more can we do.

Speech of President Aquino at Harvard University, September 22, 2014

John F. Kennedy dreamed bigger, and acted on it. My father, laid down his life, and in so doing ignited a movement that toppled a dictatorship. My mother devoted her life to ensuring that the democracy we had reclaimed would never again be taken away. All of them were faced with daunting tasks, and all of them dared, risked, and acted. This is my message to all: Like JFK, Ninoy, and Cory, each one has the capacity to dream, to die, to live, to fight, to stand for something, to ask “why not” when the challenges seem insurmountable. Thus can we transform the world for the better.

Speech of President Aquino for the Filipino community in Boston and the convocation at Boston College

President Aquino: “During [President Corazon Aquino's] visit to Boston at the springtime of Filipino democracy in 1986, mom said to the communities here and I quote, “I wish you many splendid autumn memories this winter.” I echo this today, in saying: May the memories you build here be warmed by the affections of Filipinos who, like me, found in Boston home, kindness, and kinship. Who knows, perhaps next winter or sooner, on a lighter note, I will see you in the Philippines.”

Message of President Aquino for the victims of the accident at Bangbangayen, Poblacion Buguias, Benguet

Sina Efren, Jairah Flair, Maricel, Jera, Sheribeth, Jasmin, Minerva, Angie, Meljoy, Yvonne, John Ray, Marie Faith, at Charee ang patunay: ang halaga ng isang tao ay hindi nasusukat sa haba ng itinagal niya sa mundo, kundi sa pag-ibig, malasakit, at pakikitungo na ipinakita niya sa kanyang mga magulang, kapatid, guro, kaklase, at kaibigan. Ang pagbubuklod natin ngayon ay pagbabalik-tanaw sa ligayang dinala nila sa inyo.

Speech of President Aquino accepting the Freedom Medal from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation

When I was a young boy my concept of freedom was it was something to defend against a foreign invader. Then when I was in grade six, Martial Law was proclaimed. I thus quickly realized that freedom is a concept that can be taken for granted by those whose freedoms are never challenged.