Message of President Aquino during the general audience with Pope Francis in Malacañan Palace

In the fight to transform society, one cannot help but be heartened by the fact that we are not alone. When we tread this path with people such as yourself, along with the millions you have inspired, we gain the courage to do what needs doing, the optimism to dream about what we can achieve in unity with one another, and the opportunity to turn that dream into a shared reality, with the grace of Almighty God.

President Aquino’s toast during the 2015 New Year Vin d’Honneur

… I am heartened by the presence of our friends and partners from other nations and from different sectors of Philippine society. Many times, over the past few years, we have been able to demonstrate our unity. I am confident that, so long as we continue to work together, there is no hurdle that we cannot surpass, no challenge we cannot overcome, no promise we cannot fulfill.

Speech of President Aquino at the APPA-PMA 2015 Joint Congress

All this is in pursuit of our shared dream: a Philippines in which our people leave our country only by choice, and not by necessity. I am glad to say that, through our people’s support, and the backing of individuals like yourselves, we have been able to make dramatic strides.

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