Act No. 3430

Approved on January 12, 1928: An Act to amend section one of Act Numbered Twenty-seven hundred and twenty-two, entitled “An Act to provide for the reservation of certain lands of the public domain on the Island of Sulu, the usufruct thereof to be granted to the Sultan of Sulu and his heirs,” as amended by Act Numbered Thirty-one hundred and eighteen.

Act No. 1870

Enacted on June 18, 1908: An Act for the purpose of founding a University for the Philippine Islands, giving it corporate existence, providing for a board of regents, defining the board’s responsibilities and duties, providing higher and professional instruction, and for other purposes.

Act No. 243

Approved on September 28, 1901: An Act granting the right to use public land upon the Luneta in the City of Manila upon which to erect a statue of Jose Rizal, from a fund to be raised by public subscriptions, and prescribing as a condition the method by which such subscription shall be collected and disbursed.

Act No. 201

Enacted on August 13, 1901: An Act appropriating twenty-seven thousand and forty-three dollars and thirty-two cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary, in the United States, to pay various expenses of the Insular Government for the third quarter of the year nineteen hundred and one and other periods not provided for in the general appropriation Act for third quarter.