Act No. 3436

Approved on November 28, 1928. An Act granting to the “Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company” a franchise to install, operate, and maintain a telephone system throughout the Philippine Islands.

Act No. 3430

Approved on January 12, 1928: An Act to amend section one of Act Numbered Twenty-seven hundred and twenty-two, entitled “An Act to provide for the reservation of certain lands of the public domain on the Island of Sulu, the usufruct thereof to be granted to the Sultan of Sulu and his heirs,” as amended by Act Numbered Thirty-one hundred and eighteen.

Act No. 2871, s. 1919

Approved on October 22, 1919: An Act to repeal Act Numbered Sixteen hundred and ninety-six, entitled “An Act to prohibit the display of flags, banners, emblems, or devices used in the Philippine Islands for the purpose of rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States and the display of Katipunan flags, banners, emblems, or devices, and for other purposes.

Act No. 2715

Approved on March 17, 1917: An Act to establish the Philippine Militia, provide for the enrollment of the unorganized militia, and the formation, organization and government of the organized militia of the Philippine Islands, appropriating funds therefor, and for other purposes.

Act No. 1902, s. 1909

Enacted on May 18, 1909: An Act authorizing the Governor-General to direct that any unexpended balances of appropriations be returned to the General Fund of the Insular Treasury and to transfer from the general fund moneys which have been returned thereto.

Act No. 1870

Enacted on June 18, 1908: An Act for the purpose of founding a University for the Philippine Islands, giving it corporate existence, providing for a board of regents, defining the board’s responsibilities and duties, providing higher and professional instruction, and for other purposes.