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Green Climate Fund Our Access Direct Access Entity Nomination and Selection

DAE Selection and Nomination

A wide range of entities may be considered for accreditation. This is largely made possible through the Fund’s “fit-for-purpose” approach in which entities are classified according to their capacities and climate finance activities. While the scopes of accreditation vary, all entities must meet the following:

Under the fit-for-purpose approach, candidates may also apply for specialized fiduciary criteria: (i) project management, (ii) grant awarding, and (iii) on-lending/blending. These standards allow an AE to undertake an activity by performing the specific fiduciary function related to the standard.


GCF Accreditation Process Presentation Briefer


Role of the CCC in Nominating an Entity for Accreditation

As the NDA of the Philippines, the CCC plays a critical role in nominating an entity for accreditation. CCC accepts expression of interest from entities which intend to be accredited by GCF. Building-on the requirements of the GCF, CCC has set-up a procedure in assessing the status of their minimum requirements that should be met before it gets accredited by the GCF.

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