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Pre-Screening Checklist

The Pre-Screening Checklist was developed to assist the Climate Change Commission (CCC) in assessing the concept notes submitted to the agency before these are reviewed against the Screening and Evaluation Tool (SET).

The CCC, which serves as the Philippines’ National Designated Authority (NDA) for the Green Climate Fund, will use the checklist to see if the minimum prerequisites for a project have been addressed by the project proponent during the concept note development process.

The results of the pre-screening process will be used to provide guidance to the project proponent on aspects of the concept note and project idea development that need to be enhanced. This process will help the NDA prioritize concept notes that will go through the SET and later, presented to the Technical Working Group for endorsement to the GCF.

The checklist has seven sections, namely:

Section 1. Project Profile

Section 2: Eligibility

Section 3. GCF Result Areas Targeted by the Project

Section 4. Country Ownership

Section 5. Stakeholder Engagement

Section 6. Completeness of the Concept Note

Section 7. Recommendation on the Concept Note

Each section has two or more parameters that should have “Yes” responses for the concept note to advance to the next level of NDA assessment, which is the SET review. If the concept note does not meet these minimum requirements, feedback will be officially provided to the project proponent to facilitate enhancement of the Concept Note.

Users of this Pre-screening Checklist are the Internal Technical Committee members of the CCC which are tasked to review the concept notes.


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