2014 GovNet Accomplishments

The iGovPhil Program has developed fiber optic backbones in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu simultaneously. Fiber optics is the latest technology in high-speed communications using glass or silicon fiber to transmit and receive messages in the form of light instead of electricity.  The use of fiber optic cable will help people in government communicate faster, coordinate activities better, facilitate collaborative work and increase productivity, resulting in speedier and more efficient delivery of goods and services to citizens.



  • reduced Internet connectivity cost for the government
  • faster data transfers for government to government (G2G) communications and transactions outside the Internet
  • citizens will experience a faster and more efficient government service


  • ongoing pre-testing, testing and acceptance of agencies with completed fiber optic cable installation
  • 99 agencies with fiber-to-the-building installation
  • 50 agencies ready for network equipment deployment


  • completed fiber optic cable installation
  • 12 government agencies are connected in the network

Government agencies that are connected in the network are provided with right of way, active equipment and media converter. Node agencies, offices having their own data centers, are provided with the same but they should identify a network room in their respective building for the installation of the optical distribution frame.