2014 NGDC Accomplishments

The setup of government data centers addresses one of iGovPhil's goals of building the physical infrastructure to interconnect government agencies. A number of agencies already operate their own data centers or outsource their data center needs. These existing data centers run by government agencies will also be connected to the fiber optic network. As of the moment, two NGDCs are already operational and are already accepting applications for colocation service. Another data center is being developed somewhere in Central Luzon. These NGDCs are fully equipped with necessary network equipment, data storage facility, cooling system, security system, power system, monitoring system and fire protection system and network connectivity.



  • faster data exchange and collaboration among government agencies
  • centralized servers and colocation and storage facilities
  • enhanced online security
  • government savings as a result of reduced cost from data center hardware and software procurement, maintenance and operations
  • improved government's overall IT security posture and disaster readiness


  • completed renovation and refurbishment
  • already operational
  • on going transition to ICT Office
  • three government agencies availed the colocation service


  • completed bidding and procurement
  • winning bidder: Innove Communications Inc.
  • already operational
  • three government agencies availed the colocation service


  • to be ready by mid-2015
  • conducted initial meetings with Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
  • Memorandum of Agreement is for structural integrity assessment; pending review.